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Bioinformatics market
Bioinformatics Market: By Products (Bioinformatics Platforms, Knowledge Management Tools, Services) By Applications (Genomics, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Drug Design) By Sector (Clinical Diagnostics, Gene Therapy) -Forecast (2016-2021)
Report Code : HCR 0072
Published: 10 May, 2016  

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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that improves the existing methods and software tools for understanding the biological data and uses computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering to analyse and interpret the biological data.

Bioinformatics is extensively used in Genomics and Proteomics for the collection of genetic data and understanding the genomic patterns present in DNA and also analyse the structure and functionality of proteins.  Increase in applications of Information Technology in Healthcare sector, technological advancements in data analytics and cloud computing are the key drivers for the growth of the market. The global market size is estimated to reach $15.91bn by 2021 at a CAGR of around 20.83% according to a recent report from IndustryARC.

The report explains that global bioinformatics market is segmented on the basis of products, application, sector and geography. Based on products, bioinformatics is classified into bioinformatics platforms, knowledge management tools, services.

Bioinformatics are used in different applications such as:
  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Molecular Phylogenetics
  • Chemoinformatics & Drug Design and Others

The bioinformatics market is further segmented on the basis of different sectors such as:
  • Medical bioinformatics
  • Drug Development
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Gene Therapy
  • Reproductive Biotechnology
  • Animal Bioinformatics
  • Agricultural Bioinformatics
  • Environmental Bioinformatics
  • Forensic Bioinformatics
  • Academics
  • Other 

Each of these segments is further broken down to give an in-depth analysis of the market. The bioinformatics market report analyses the bioinformatics in various applications and covers the market demand with respect to regions.

The bioinformatics market is driven by increased demand from the sectors such as medical, drug development, clinical diagnostics, molecular medicine, gene therapy, reproduction biotechnology, animal bioinformatics, and others. America, with its growing economy and rapidly expanding healthcare investments is projected to witness the highest growth in the bioinformatics market between 2016 and 2021. The increasing in biological systems modeling becoming a norm in clinical research yet another driving factor for the growing demand of bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics Market

Bioinformatics Platform is a fundamental facility that delivers bioinformatics support in partnership with research groups and facilities. Genomics of plants and pests called GnpIS is examined by the Bioinformatics platforms. Moreover, they improve and preserve an integrated and interoperable information system which includes databases, data banks and tools for sequence analysis. Additionally, it permits scientists to discover genomic and genetic data as well as extract valuable information on genes of agronomic interest and on genome structure and evolution.

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:
  • Illumina Inc
  • Qiagen NV
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
  • Agilent Technologies Inc
  • Waters Corp
  • 10+.

The report analyses the market demand with respect to various regions. Competitive landscape for top five bioinformatics market is highlighted and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, product portfolio and recent developments.
1. Bioinformatics– Market Overview
2. Executive Summary
3. Bioinformatics– Market Landscape

   3.1. Market Share Analysis
   3.2. Comparative Analysis
      3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
      3.2.2. End user profiling
      3.2.3. Top 5 Financials Analysis
4. Bioinformatics– Market Forces
   4.1. Market Drivers
   4.2. Market Constraints
   4.3. Market Challenges
   4.4. Attractiveness of the Bioinformatics Industry
      4.4.1. Power of Suppliers
      4.4.2. Power of Customers
      4.4.3. Threat of New entrants
      4.4.4. Threat of Substitution
      4.4.5. Degree of Competition
5. Bioinformatics Market – Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
   5.3. Opportunities Analysis
   5.4. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
   5.5. Suppliers and Distributors
6. Bioinformatics Market – By Products
   6.1. Bioinformatics Platforms
      6.1.1. Sequence Analysis
      6.1.2. Sequence Alignment
      6.1.3. Sequence Manipulation
      6.1.4. Structural & Functional Analysis
   6.2. Knowledge Management Tools
      6.2.1. Generalized Knowledge Management Tools
      6.2.2. Specialized Knowledge Management Tools
   6.3. Services
      6.3.1. Data Analysis Services
      6.3.2. Database Management Services
7. Bioinformatics Market – By Applications
   7.1. Genomics
   7.2. Proteomics
   7.3. Transcriptomics
   7.4. Metabolomics
   7.5. Molecular Phylogenetics
   7.6. Chemoinformatics & Drug Design
   7.7. Others
8. Bioinformatics Market – By Sector
   8.1. Medical bioinformatics
   8.2. Drug Development
   8.3. Clinical Diagnostics
   8.4. Molecular Medicine
   8.5. Gene Therapy
   8.6. Reproductive Biotechnology
   8.7. Animal Bioinformatics
   8.8. Agricultural Bioinformatics
   8.9. Environmental Bioinformatics
   8.10. Forensic Bioinformatics
   8.11. Academics
   8.12. Others
9. Bioinformatics Market -Geographic Analysis
   9.1. Americas
      9.1.1. U.S.
      9.1.2. Canada
      9.1.3. Brazil
      9.1.4. Others
   9.2. Europe
      9.2.1. U.K.
      9.2.2. France
      9.2.3. Germany
      9.2.4. Others
   9.3. APAC
      9.3.1. China
      9.3.2. South Korea
      9.3.3. Japan
      9.3.4. Australia
      9.3.5. Others
   9.4. ROW
      9.4.1. Middle East
      9.4.2. Africa
      9.4.3. Others
10. Market Entropy
   10.1. New Product Launches
   10.2. M&As, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships
11. Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, SWOT Analysis, Developments, Product Portfolio)
   11.1. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
   11.2. Agilent Technologies Inc.
   11.3. Illumina, Inc
   11.4. QIAGEN
   11.5. Bruker Corporation
   11.6. Biomax Informatics Ag
   11.7. Waters Corporation
   11.8. PerkinElmer, Inc
   11.9. ID Business Solutions Ltd.
   11.10. Dassault Systemes Biovia Corp
   11.11. Applied Biological Materials (ABM)
   11.12. DNAnexus, Inc.
   11.13. Others
*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
12. Appendix

   12.1. Abbreviations
   12.2. Sources
   12.3. Research Methodology
   12.4. Bibliography
   12.5. Compilation of Expert Insights
   12.6. Disclaimer
List of Tables:

Table1. Bioinformatics Product Benchmarking, By Company
Table2. Top 5 Financials Analysis: By Companies, 2015 ($Million)
Table3. Global Bioinformatics Market, By Knowledge Management Tools, (2014-2021), $Billion
Table4. Global Bioinformatics Market, By Services, (2014-2021), $Billion
Table5. Global Bioinformatics Platform Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Table6. Bioinformatics Market, By Application, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table7. Bioinformatics Market, By Geography, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table8. Americas: Bioinformatics Market, By Product, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table9. Americas: Bioinformatics Market, By Knowledge Management Tools, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table10. Americas: Bioinformatics Market, By Services, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table11. Americas: Bioinformatics Market, By Application, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table12. Americas: Bioinformatics Market, By Sector, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table13. Europe: Bioinformatics Market, By Product, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table14. Europe: Bioinformatics Market, By Knowledge Management Tools, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table15. Europe: Bioinformatics Market, By Service, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table16. Europe: Bioinformatics Market, By Application, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table17. Europe: Bioinformatics Market, By Sector, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table18. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Sector, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table19. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Product, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table20. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Knowledge Management Tools, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table21. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Service, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table22. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Application, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table23. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Sector, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table24. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Sector, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table25. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Product, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table26. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Knowledge Management Tools, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table27. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Service, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table28. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Application, (2015-2021), $Billion
Table29. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Sector, (2015-2021), $Billion

List of Figures:

Figure1. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue, By Region, 2015 Vs. 2021 ($Billion)
Figure2. Global Bioinformatics Market Share, By Applications, 2015 (%)
Figure3. Bioinformatics Market Share Analysis, By Company 2015 (%)
Figure4. Bioinformatics Market End-User Profiling - 2015
Figure5. Cellulose Ethers Market Life Cycle, 2015-2021
Figure6. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue Share, By Product, 2015 (%)
Figure7. Global Bioinformatics Knowledge Management Tools Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Figure8. Global Bioinformatics Services Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Figure9. Global Bioinformatics Sequencing Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Figure10. Global Bioinformatics Data Analysis Services Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Figure11. Global Database Management Services Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Figure12. Global Other Bioinformatics Services Market Revenue, 2015-2021
Figure13. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue Share,2015(%)
Figure14. Global Genomics Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2014-2021)
Figure15. Global Proteomics  Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2014-2021)
Figure16. Global Transcriptomics   Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2014-2021)
Figure17. Global Metabolomics Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2014-2021)
Figure18. Global Molecular Phylogenetic Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2014-2021)
Figure19. Global Cheminformatics & Drug Design Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2014-2021)
Figure20. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue Share, By Sector, 2015 (%)
Figure21. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue, By Sector, 2015-2021  ($Billion)
Figure22. Hospitals, By Country, 2015 (Units)
Figure23. Medical Bioinformatics, Revenue, 2015-2021($Billion)
Figure24. Bioinformatics, Drug Development, Revenue, 2015-2021($Billion)
Figure25. Bioinformatics, Clinical Diagnostics, Revenue, 2015-2021($Billion)
Figure26. Bioinformatics, Molecular Medicine, Revenue, 2015-2021($Billion)
Figure27. Figure: Bioinformatics, Gene Therapy, Revenue, 2015-2021($Billion)
Figure28. Global Animal Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2015-2021)
Figure29. Global Agricultural Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2015-2021)
Figure30. Global Environmental Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2015-2021)
Figure31. Global Forensic Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2015-2021)
Figure32. Global Academics Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2015-2021)
Figure33. Global Others Bioinformatics Market-By Revenues($Million) ,(2015-2021)
Figure34. Americas Bioinformatics Market, By Country, 2015 (%)
Figure35. Americas Bioinformatics Market, By Country, 2021(%)
Figure36. U.S. Bioinformatics Market, 2015 – 2021 ($Billion)
Figure37. Canada Bioinformatics Market, 2015 – 2021 ($Billion)
Figure38. Brazil Bioinformatics Market, 2015 – 2021 ($Billion)
Figure39. Europe Bioinformatics Market, By Country, 2015 (%)
Figure40. Europe Bioinformatics Market, By Country, 2021(%)
Figure41. U.K. Genomics-Related Spin-Out Companies, By Development Stage, 2014 (%)
Figure42. U.K. Genomics and Genomics_Related Companies, By Location, 2014 (%)
Figure43. U.K. Bioinformatics Market, 2015 – 2021 ($Billion)
Figure44. France Bioinformatics Market, 2015 – 2021 ($Billion)
Figure45. Germany Bioinformatics Market, 2015 – 2021 ($Billion)
Figure46. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Country,2015 (%Share)
Figure47. APAC: Bioinformatics Market, By Country,2021(%Share)
Figure48. China, Bioinformatics Market, 2014-2021 ($Billion)
Figure49. Japan, Bioinformatics Market, 2014-2021 ($Billion)
Figure50. South Korea, Bioinformatics Market, 2015-2021 ($Billion)
Figure51. Australia, Bioinformatics Market, 2015-2021 ($Billion)
Figure52. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Region,2015 (%Share)
Figure53. Row: Bioinformatics Market, By Region,2021(%Share)
Figure54. Middle East, Bioinformatics Market, 2014-2021 ($Billion)
Figure55. Africa, Bioinformatics Market, 2014-2021 ($Billion)
Figure56. Bioinformatics Market Entropy Share, By Strategies, 2013-2016* (%)
Figure57. Bioinformatics Market Entropy, By Total Number of Developments, By Year, 2013-2016* (%)
Figure58. Bioinformatics Market Entropy, By Companies, By Year, 2013-2016* (%)
Figure59. Agilent Technologies, Total Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Figure60. Agilent Technologies Inc.:  Total Revenue, By Business Segment, 2015 (%)
Figure61. Agilent Technologies Inc. : Total Revenue, By Geography and By End Market, 2015 (%)
Figure62. Dassault Systemes. : Total Revenue, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Figure63. Bruker Corporation : Total Revenue, By Geography and By End Market, 2015 (%)
Figure64. Qiagen.  Net Sales, By Years, 2012-2015 ($Million)
Figure65. Qiagen. Net Sales Share, By Business Segment, 2015 (%)
Figure66. Qiagen. Net Sales Share, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Figure67. Illumina Inc., Net Sales, By Years, 2012-2015 ($Million)
Figure68. Illumina Inc., Net Sales Share, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Figure69. Perkinelmer, Inc. Net Sales, By Years, 2012-2015 ($Million)
Figure70. Perkinelmer, Inc. Net Sales Share, By Business Segment, 2015 (%)
Figure71. Perkinelmer, Inc. Net Sales Share, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Figure72. Water Corporation. Net Sales, By Years, 2012-2015 ($Million)
Figure73. Water Corporation Net Sales Share, By Business Segment, 2015 (%)
Figure74. Water Corporation Net Sales Share, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Figure75. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.  Net Sales, By Years, 2012-2015 ($Million)
Figure76. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Net Sales Share, By Business Segment, 2015 (%)
Figure77. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Net Sales Share, By Geography, 2015 (%)

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