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Composites Market
Composites Market- By Materials (Polymer, Ceramics); By Form (Particle-Reinforced, Structural); By Resin Type (Thermosetting, Thermoplastic), By Elements (Fibres, Laminar); By Technology (Injection Molding, Layup) By Application (Automotive, Aerospace), By Geography-Forecast (2016-2021)
Report Code : CMR 0224
Published: 15 February, 2016   No. of pages: 136

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Composite material is made from two or more constituents with diverse physical and chemical properties which when collective together produces a material with characteristics different from the individual materials. The composite materials may include construction materials such as cement, concrete; reinforced plastics; metal composites, ceramic composites. The two main categories of composite materials are matrix and reinforcement. The matrix material ambiances and supports the reinforcement materials by preserving their relative positions. The reinforcements divulge special mechanical and physical properties to develop the matrix properties. High demand for composites from end-user industry from the emerging economies, such as China, Japan, Brazil and India are the major drivers as per the current market dynamics. The forthcoming technological progressions, natural material expansions, and pioneering practices industrialized for the use of composites will be main factors for the global market, with amplified prominence on the existing cost and their applications.

The Composite are broadly divided into several materials such as polymers, metal, ceramics, carbon & graphite & others. The market is also classified by form such as particle-reformed, fibers-reformed and structural.

Composites market is segmented by resin type, which comprises of thermosetting resins & thermoplastics resins. It is also been classified by application, which includes electronics & semiconductor, automotive, aerospace & defense, construction, marine and others. As per the current trends, the composites market has grown significantly over the last few years. APAC is the largest region in terms of demand of composites followed by Europe and North America

Composites Market

Asia-Pacific (APAC) has been the leading region in terms of deployment and adoption of composites market, followed by North America and Europe in 2015. The APAC region is the fastest-growing market for composites, in terms of volumes. The growing aerospace & construction applications in the APAC region are also accountable for the rise in market in terms of consumption and production capacity from the developed markets to the developing markets. A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the composites market and future opportunities are provided in the report.

The key players profiled in this report:
  • Ashland Specialty Chemical
  • Hexcel Corporation
  • Reichhold Chemical Corporation
  • RJ Marshal Company
  • United Initiators
1. Market Overview
2. Executive Summary
3. Composites Market Landscape

   3.1. Market Share Analysis
   3.2. Comparative Analysis
      3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
      3.2.2. End User Profiling
      3.2.3. Top 5 Financials Analysis
4. Composites Market Forces
   4.1. Market Drivers
   4.2. Market Constraints & Challenges
   4.3. Attractiveness Of The Composites Industry
   4.4. Power Of Suppliers
   4.5. Threats From New Entrants
   4.6. Power Of Buyer
   4.7. Threat From Substitute Product
   4.8. Degree Of Competition
5. Composites Market Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Composites Market - Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
   5.3. Opportunity Analysis
   5.4. Product Life Cycle
   5.5. Suppliers And Distributors
6. Composites Market -By Materials
   6.1. Polymers
   6.2. Metal
   6.3. Ceramics
   6.4. Carbon & Graphite
   6.5. Others
7. Composites Market -By Forms
   7.1. Particle-Reinforced
   7.2. Fiber-Reinforced
   7.3. Structural
8. Composites Market- By Resin Type
   8.1. Thermosetting Resins
      8.1.1. Polyester Resins
      8.1.2. Vinyl Ester Resins
      8.1.3. Phenolic Resins
      8.1.4. Epoxy
      8.1.5. Polyimides
      8.1.6. Others
   8.2. Thermoplastics Resins
      8.2.1. Semicrystalline Thermoplastics
      8.2.2. Polyether Ether Ketone (Peek)
      8.2.3. Amorphous Thermoplastics
      8.2.4. Others
9. Composites Market- By Types Of Elements
   9.1. Fibres
   9.2. Whiskers
   9.3. Laminar
   9.4. Flakes
   9.5. Filled
   9.6. Particulates
   9.7. Microspheres
   9.8. Others
10. Composites Market -By Application
   10.1. Electronics And Semiconductors
   10.2. Automotive
   10.3. Aerospace  &  Defence
   10.4. Construction
   10.5. Marine
   10.6. Others
11. Composites Market -By Technology
   11.1. Injection Moulding
   11.2. Compression Moulding
   11.3. Pultrusion
   11.4. Filament Winding
   11.5. Layup
12. Composites Market-By Geography
   12.1. APAC
      12.1.1. China
      12.1.2. India
      12.1.3. Japan
      12.1.4. Others
   12.2. North America
      12.2.1. U.S.
      12.2.2. Canada
      12.2.3. Mexico
      12.2.4. Others
   12.3. Europe
      12.3.1. France
      12.3.2. Germany
      12.3.3. Italy
      12.3.4. Others
   12.4. Rest of The World (RoW)
13. Composites Market-Entropy
   13.1. New Product Developments
   13.2. Mergers and Acquisitions
14. Company Profiles
   14.1. 3A Composites Airexbaltex Banova
   14.2. Airtech International Inc.
   14.3. Akzo Nobel
   14.4. Ashland Specialty Chemical
   14.5. Axel Plastics Research Laboratories
   14.7. Hexcel Corporation
   14.8. HITCO Carbon Composites
   14.9. Huntsman Advanced Materials
   14.10. Reichhold Chemical Corporation
   14.11. Retrac Composites
   14.12. RJ Marshal Company
   14.13. TR Industries
   14.14. United Initiators
*More than 40 Companies are profiled in this Research Report, Complete List available on Request*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"

15. Appendix
   15.1. Abbreviations
   15.2. Sources
   15.3. Research Methodology
   15.4. Bibliography
   15.5. Compilation of Expert Insights
   15.6. Disclaimer
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