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Advanced Functional Market
Advanced Functional Market: By Type (Advanced Functional Ceramics & Composites, Advanced Energy Materials, Nanomaterials, Conductive Polymers) By Applications (Electrical & Electronics, Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Energy & Power, Others)-Forecast(2016-2021)
Report Code : CMR 0269
Published: 17 March, 2016   No. of pages: 169

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Advanced functional materials are gaining rapid popularity in wide range of end use applications over traditionally used functional materials which possess some native functional properties, and not materials with just load bearing capabilities. Lower energy consumption and reduced carbon footprints couples with high performance are the key factor responsible for growing popularity and key demand driver of AFMs into various end use industries such as electrical & electronics, energy & power, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare & pharmaceuticals.

 Advanced Functional Market

Growing manufacture’s presence from across the industries in Asia-Pacific resulted into highest consumption of AFMs in the region followed by North America and Europe. The region is also expected to witness the highest growth during the period of study driven increasing manufacturing activities in the region.

This market research report includes in depth analysis of each technology and regional segment separately to provide in depth view of key insights and market scenario. Forecasts are also provided for all the market segments for the period 2016-2021.

These are the high performance and with eco-friendly applications and can be classified in to following major categories dominated by advanced functional composites, however rapid adoption and increasing demand for nanomaterials in various end use applications is expected to drive the demand for nanomaterials resulting into the highest growth for this segment which are as follows: Advanced Functional Ceramics, Advanced Functional Composites (Metal Matrix composites, Fibre Reinforced Plastics), Advanced Energy Materials, Nanomaterials and Conductive Polymers.

This is also classified based on the end-use industry applications. Major end-use industries demanding AFM is classifies as: Electrical & Electronics, Chemicals & Materials, Automotive & Transportation, Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Energy & Power.

Electrical & electronics industry dominates the global AFM industry in 2015. Electrical & electronics industry is rapidly increasing AFM usage into various devices such as capacitors. Nanomaterials, advanced energy materials, and conductive polymers are the most researched categories of AFM for the electrical & electronics applications.

This report has been further segmented into the major regions, which includes detailed analysis of each region such as: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW) covering all the major country level markets in each of the region.

This report identifies all the major companies operating in the advanced functional material market. Some of the major companies’ profiles in detail are as follows:

  • Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
  • Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
  • Applied Materials Inc.
  • E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
  • Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd
1. Advanced Functional Materials – Market Overview
2. Executive Summary
Advanced Functional Materials Market Landscape
   3.1. Market Share Analysis
   3.2. Comparative Analysis
      3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
      3.2.2. End User Profiling
      3.2.3. Top 5 Financials Analysis
4. Advanced Functional Materials – Market Forces
   4.1. Drivers
      4.1.1. Increasing ceramics applications in medical science
      4.1.2. Growing adoption MMC & FRP in aerospace & automotive industry
   4.2. Restraints
      4.2.1. Higher cost as compared to traditionally used materials
   4.3. Opportunities
      4.3.1. Lightweight, high performance conductive polymers poses a huge growth potential
   4.4. Challenges
   4.5. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
      4.5.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
      4.5.2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
      4.5.3. Threat of New Entrants
      4.5.4. Threat of Substitutes
      4.5.5. Degree of Competition
5. Advanced Functional Materials Market – Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
   5.3. Opportunities Analysis
   5.4. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
   5.5. Suppliers and Distributors
6. Global Advanced Functional Materials Market- By Type (2014-2021)
   6.1. Advanced Functional Ceramics
   6.2. Advanced Functional Composites
      6.2.1. Metal Matrix composites
      6.2.2. Fibre Reinforced Plastics
   6.3. Advanced Energy Materials
   6.4. Nanomaterials
   6.5. Conductive Polymers
7. Global Advanced Functional Materials Market - By Applications (2014-2021)
   7.1. Electrical & Electronics
   7.2. Chemicals & Materials
   7.3. Automotive & Transportation
   7.4. Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
   7.5. Energy & Power
   7.6. Others
8. Global Advanced Functional Materials Market - By Geography (2014-2021)
   8.1. Europe
      8.1.1. Germany
      8.1.2. France
      8.1.3. Italy
      8.1.4. Spain
      8.1.5. Russia
      8.1.6. U.K.
      8.1.7. Rest of Europe
   8.2. Asia Pacific
      8.2.1. China
      8.2.2. India
      8.2.3. Japan
      8.2.4. South Korea
      8.2.5. Rest of Asia-Pacific
   8.3. North America
      8.3.1. U.S.
      8.3.2. Canada
      8.3.3. Mexico
   8.4. Rest of the World (RoW)
      8.4.1. Brazil
      8.4.2. Rest of RoW
9. Advanced Functional Materials – Market Entropy
   9.1. Expansion
   9.2. Technological Developments
   9.3. Merger & Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures
   9.4. Supply- Contract
10. Company Profiles (Top 10 Companies)
   10.1. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
      10.1.1. Introduction
      10.1.2. Financials
      10.1.3. Key Insights
      10.1.4. Key Strategy
      10.1.5. Product Portfolio
      10.1.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.2. 3M Company
      10.2.1. Introduction
      10.2.2. Financials
      10.2.3. Key Insights
      10.2.4. Key Strategy
      10.2.5. Product Portfolio
      10.2.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.3. Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
      10.3.1. Introduction
      10.3.2. Financials
      10.3.3. Key Insights
      10.3.4. Key Strategy
      10.3.5. Product Portfolio
      10.3.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.4. Bayer AG
      10.4.1. Introduction
      10.4.2. Financials
      10.4.3. Key Insights
      10.4.4. Key Strategy
      10.4.5. Product Portfolio
      10.4.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.5. Applied Materials Inc.
      10.5.1. Introduction
      10.5.2. Financials
      10.5.3. Key Insights
      10.5.4. Key Strategy
      10.5.5. Product Portfolio
      10.5.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.6. E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
      10.6.1. Introduction
      10.6.2. Financials
      10.6.3. Key Insights
      10.6.4. Key Strategy
      10.6.5. Product Portfolio
      10.6.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.7. Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd
      10.7.1. Introduction
      10.7.2. Financials
      10.7.3. Key Insights
      10.7.4. Key Strategy
      10.7.5. Product Portfolio
      10.7.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.8. Sunedison Inc.
      10.8.1. Introduction
      10.8.2. Financials
      10.8.3. Key Insights
      10.8.4. Key Strategy
      10.8.5. Product Portfolio
      10.8.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.9. Ceradyne Inc.
      10.9.1. Introduction
      10.9.2. Financials
      10.9.3. Key Insights
      10.9.4. Key Strategy
      10.9.5. Product Portfolio
      10.9.6. SWOT Analysis
   10.10. Wacker Chemie AG
      10.10.1. Introduction
      10.10.2. Financials
      10.10.3. Key Insights
      10.10.4. Key Strategy
      10.10.5. Product Portfolio
      10.10.6. SWOT Analysis
*More than 40 Companies are profiled in this Research Report, Complete List available on Request*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
11. Appendix

   11.1. Abbreviations
   11.2. Sources
   11.3. Research Methodology
   11.4. Expert Insights
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