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Electric Vehicle Market Promising Opportunity Influencing the Future of Automotive Industry
Webinar Date: 01 March, 2018 20:00   Venue : Online

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Electric Vehicle marketElectric vehicles are gaining significant traction and with the adoption of electric vehicles means long-established automotive players will witness profound and prolonged challenges in terms advancement and competitors such as ‘Tesla Motors’ & ‘Google’, along with fuel-efficiency mandates from government. Despite positive outlook, the current electric car market uptake is mainly influenced by the policy and regulatory bodies.
Electric Vehicle Market: Promising opportunity Influencing the Future of Automotive Industry
  • Overview of Electric Vehicles in Automotive Field
  • Increasing Demand for Production and Sales of Automobiles
  • Types of Electric Vehicles
  • Increasing Penetration of Electric Vehicles Across Various Regions
  • Applications in Various End User Industry
  • Governmental Regulations on Deployment of Electric Vehicles
  • Limitations of Electric Vehicles
  • Future Road Map for Electric Vehicles