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Digital Oil-Field (DOF) Market: By Device (RTU, RTU Architecture etc.) Component (CPU, Microprocessor, Analog and Digital Input / Output Modules, Multiplexer, A/D and D/A Converter) Service (Automation and Instrumentation, IT Services)-Forecast(2015-2020) Energy and Power
Hydraulic Fracturing and Services Market: By Resources (Water Demand, Proppant Demand, Chemical Additives and Others), By Application (Well Simulation, Well Construction, Waste Disposal) and By Geography - (2011 - 2020) Energy and Power
Next Generation Energy Storage Systems Market Analysis : By Device (Batteries, Fuel cells, Flywheels, Ultracapacitors, Energy grids and others), By Application (Electronics, Transportation and others) and By Geography - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Energy and Power
Gas Turbines Market - By Design Type (Heavy Duty, Industrial); By Capacity (1-40MW, 40-120MW); By Technology (Open Cycle, Combined Cycle); By Application (Power Generation, Oil and Gas); and Geography-Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Marine Engine Market -By Fuel (Gas, Marine Diesel Oil) By Propulsion Mechanism (Diesel Electric and Others) By Vessels (Commercial, Others) By Engine Power in terms of HP (20000-40000) By Use(Crew Vessel, Standby and Rescue Vessel ) By Application (Genera Energy and Power
Natural Gas Storage Market By Type (Above Ground storage and Underground storage); By Above Ground Type (Liquefaction, Regasification, Floating LNG); By Underground Type (Depleted Reservoir, Aquifers, Salt Caverns) -Forecasts (2016-2021). Energy and Power
Downhole Tools Market - By Type (Flow and Pressure Control Tools, Impurity Control Tools, Drilling Tools); By Application (Drilling, Completion, Well Intervention, Production); Geography – Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Top Drive System Market - by Type (Electric, Hydraulic and Others), by Application (Onshore, Offshore, Drillship, others) and Global - Forecast to 2021 Energy and Power
Water Desalination Equipment Market - By Technology (Capacitive Deionization, Reverse Osmosis, Others) By Application (Municipality, Hospitality, Food and Beverages, Others) By Energy (Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical) and Geography -Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Diesel Generators Market -By Power Rating (0-100kVA, 100-350kVA, 350-1000kVA, Above 1000kVA) By Application (Stand By Power, Peak Shaving, Prime / Continuous Power) By End Users (Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Others) and By Geography -Forecast(2 Energy and Power
Industrial Waste Management Market - By Approaches (Incineration, Recycling, Composting, Landfill); By End-User Industry (Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Electronics, Automobile, Others) and By Geography - Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Smart Meters Market - By Type (Electric, Water, Gas); By End Users (Residential, Commercial, Industrial); By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, RoW)- With Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Coiled Tubing Market - By Service (Well Intervention, Drilling, Production Services); By Operation (Circulation, Pumping, Logging, Perforation and Others); By Geography (Americas, Europe, APAC, RoW) - Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Heat Exchanger Market -By Type (Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat and Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchanger and Others) By Product (Transformer Oil Coolers, Radiators and Others) By Industry (Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Food Processing and Others)-For Energy and Power
Wireline Services Market - By Type (Electric Line and Stick Line); By Application (Wireline Logging, Wireline Intervention, Wireline Completion)); By Sector (On Shore and Off Shore); By Well Type (Open Hole and Cased Hole) and Geography - Forecast (2016-2 Energy and Power
Switchgear Market - By Type (Conventional Switchgear, Modular Switchgear); By Application (Industries, Utilities, Residential, Commercial and Others); By Components (Relays, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Bus Bars and Others); By Geography -Forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power
Offshore Mooring System Market - By Type (Spread Mooring, Single Point, Tendons); By Anchorage (Suction Pile, Vertical Load, DEA and Others); By Depth (Shallow, Deep/Ultra-Deep); By Applications (TLP, SPAR, FSPO, FLNG, Semi-Submersibles and Others); and G Energy and Power
Smart Transformers Market -By Type (Power, Distribution, Specialty, Instrument), By Application (Smart Grid, Traction Locomotive, Electric Vehicle Charging, Others), By Geography-with forecast (2016-2021) Energy and Power