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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Market Analysis: By Type (Biodiesel Ethanol, Methanol, Natural and Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Others) vehicle (light and heavy commercial vehicle, luxury vehicles) Application (Transportation, Chemical, Agricultural, Industrial, Ot Electronics
Consumer 3D Printing Market Analysis: By Materials Used ( Plastics, Metals, Ceramics, Form);By End Users (Households, Educational Institutions, Food Industry, Small and Medium Businesses)- With Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Next Generation Biometrics Market Analysis by Type of Authentication (Single Factor, Multi-Factor, Multi-Modal); Biometric Type (IRIS, Face, Fingerprint, Vein); By Application (Banking, Government, Consumer Electronics, Retail) - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Night Vision Devices Market: Type (Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision Monocular, Night Vision Binocular) Components (Image Intensifier Tubes, Micro Channel Plates); Application (Military, Security, Surveillance, Search, Rescue)-Forecast(2015-2020) Electronics
Supercapacitor Market Analysis: End Products (PV, UPS, Cameras, Defibrillators, Wind Turbines, Buses); Type (EDLC, Pseudocapacitors, Hybrid); Application (Energy and Power, Electronics and Transportation) - With Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Battery Management Systems Market: By Component (Power module, battery, Communication channel) Application (Energy Harvesting, Wireless Power Devices) Topology (Distributed, Modular, Centralized) End-User Industry (Automotive, Telecom)-Forecast(2015-2020) Electronics
Functional Printing Market By Materials (Substrates, Ink, Conductors), By Technology (Ink-jet, Screen, Gravure printing), By Displays (RFID, Displays, ISS) - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Gallium Nitride (GaN) Substrates Market Analysis: By Type (GaN on sapphire, GaN on Si, GaN on SiC, GaN on GaN); By Products (Blu-ray Disc (BD), LEDs, UV LEDs) By Industry (Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Industrial, Power, Solar, Wind)-Forecast(2015-2020) Electronics
Hardware Reconfigurable Devices Market: By Types of Device (On-Chip Memory,Reconfigurable Computer, System Memory/Host Memory, Others) By Process (Cycle Accurate Simulation, High-Performance Computing, Reconfigurable Computing)-Forecast(2015-2020) Electronics
IGZO Display Market (2013 - 2020):By Application (Monitor, TV, PC and Laptop, Medical Purpose, Others, Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable Device) and By Geography Electronics
Cooled Infrared Imaging Market Analysis: By Spectrum Ranges (Short, Mid, Long, Far Wave IR) By Focal Plane Arrays (Indium Antimonide (InSb) FPAs, Others) By Industry Verticals (Industrial, Medical, Commercial, Others)-Forecast(2014-2019) Electronics
Industrial Switching Hub and Access Point Market: By Application (Data Centers, SOHO, By Technology (Wireless, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, PoE), By network (Fibre Channel, ATM, InfiniBand, Ethernet, Token ring). - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Diode Laser Market: By Type of Lasers (Double Hetero structure, Quantum Well, Quantum Cascade, Distributed Feedback, Separate Confinement Hetero Structure, Others) By Doping Material ( InGaN, GaN, AlGaInP, GaAlAs, Others)and Application-Forecast(2013-2018 Electronics
Real Time Location System (RTLS) Market: By Component (Tags, Software, Sensors) Technology (Passive RFID, Active RFID) Application in Tracking (Asset/Inventory , Vehicle/Fleet, Shipping Containers, Personnel, Patients) By Applications-Forecast(2015-2020) Electronics
Semiconductor IP Market Analysis and Forecast (2013 - 2022):Cores (Soft and Hard IP Cores, Standard IP, Custom IP); Form Factor (Integrated Circuits IP, System-on-Chip IP) Electronics
Gesture Recognition in Consumer Electronics Market: Products (Smartphones, Gaming Devices, Laptops, Television, Set Top Box); Technology (Interactive Displays, Capacitive, IR, Ultrasonic, Electric Field, Image Sensor, MEMS) - Forecast (2015-2020) Electronics
Spintronics Market Analysis: By type of device (Metal-based and Semiconductor-based); By Application (MRAM, Data Storage and Magnetic Sensing) and By Geography - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
System On Package (SOP) Market - By Technology Elements (Electrical Silicon Through-Vias, Fine Pitch, High Bandwidth Wiring And Others), By Application (Consumers Electronics, Wireless Communication) And By Geography - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Mobile Devices User Authentication Services Market Analysis and Forecast (2013 - 2020): By Type [Biometrics (Physiological, Behavioural), Smartcard, Tokens, Key Cards]; Applications (BFSI, Government, Defence, Consumer Electronics) Electronics
Ultrasonic Sensor Market: by Type (Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors, Ultrasonic Retro-Reflective Sensor, Ultrasonic Through Beam Sensor, Ultrasonic 2 Point Proximity Switches, and Others), by Application, by End-User, and by Region Forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Radiation Hardened Electronic Devices and Components Market: By Components (Memory, Power ICs, Others) By Materials (Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride, Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon) Verticals (Industrial, Consumer Electronics, Others)-Forecast(2013-2019) Electronics
Silicon Photonics in High Performance Computing and Telecommunications Market (2013 - 2018): By Type (Optical Modulators, Multiplexers, Wdm Filters, Photonic Ic, Photo Detectors, Optical Interconnects and Others), By Application and By Geography Electronics
Uncooled Thermal Imaging Market: By Spectrum Ranges (Short wave, Mid wave and Long wave); Industry Verticals (Industrial , Commercial , Medical, Security and Surveillance, Automotive, Test and Measurement, Defense, Maritime) By Applications - Forecast (20 Electronics
Video Intercom Devices and Equipment Market: By Device (Door Entry, Handheld, Baby Monitor), By Access Control (Proximity Cards, Bluetooth Control and others), By Application (Commercial, Residential and others) and By Geography - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Wrist Wearable Devices Market Analysis by Components (Power Supply, Sensing, Memory, Display); Products (Smart watches, Smart bands, Monitoring Devices, Fitness); Applications (Lifestyle, Medical, Sports, Infotainment) - (2013 - 2020) Electronics
Digital Power Electronics Market: By Substrate wafers (GaN, SiC, Sapphire); By Components (Digital Power Management IC, Power Modules and Discrete); By Applications (IT, Consumer Electronics, Power Sector, Automobile) - Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Market: By Products (Gyroscopes, Actuators, Others) Manufacturing Methods (Bulk, Surface Micromachining, Others) Materials (Silicon, Polymers, Others) Industry Verticals (Industrial, Medical, Others)-Forecast(2013-2 Electronics
Microprinting Market (2013 -2018) - By Types (UV Invisible Marking, IR Marking, Embossing, Special Inks); By Application (Bank Checks, ID Cards, Currency, Packaging, Labeling) Electronics
Next Generation Memory Market: Technology (Nonvolatile Memory and Volatile Memory) Application (Cache Memory, Mass Storage, Embedded MCU, Smartcard, Others) Industry (Automotive, Aerospace, Automation, Consumer Electronics) and Geography-Forecast(2015-202 Electronics
Next Generation Data Storage Technologies Market Analysis: By Type (All Flash Arrays, SDS, Holographic); By Memory (Atomic Scale, Phase Change, Racetrack); By Technology (Helium Drive, SMR Drive); By Solution (Enterprise, Big Data) - Forecast (2015-2025) Electronics
Printed and Flexible Electronics Market: By Components (Sensors, Memory, Others) By Printing Methods (Screen, Inkjet, Others) Application (Wearable Electronics, Electronic Devices, Others), By Industry Verticals (Retail, Automotive, Others)-Forecast(2013- Electronics
Printed Circuit Board Market and Recyclable PCB Market: By Segment (Recycling, Remanufacturing and Reconditioning); Components (Capacitors, Diodes, IC’s, Resistors and Others); Materials, Applications and Geography - Analysis and Forecast to (2013 - 201 Electronics
Next Generation Crystal Oscillators Market: By End Use Verticals (Industrial, Automotive, Others), By Product Type (Temperature, Voltage, Frequency Controlled, Others), By Application (RADAR, Avionics, Others), By Geography Forecast - (2015-2020) Electronics
Quantum Dots Market: By Application (Solid State Lighting, Solar Cells, Others), By Geography (Americas, Europe, APAC And ROW), Analysis And Forecast 2015-2020. Electronics
Wireless Charging Market Analysis- By Technology (Magnetic Inductance, Magnetic Resonance, Radio-wave); By Range (Short range, Medium range, Long range); By Applications (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Automobile)-With Forecast (2015 - 2020) Electronics
Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy Market: Applications (Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Sports and Fitness, Retail, Automotive, Security); By Technology [Discrete Modules, Integrated Modules (Single and Dual Mode)]-Forecast(2013-2019) Electronics
Next Generation Communication Technologies Market - Wireless Communication (Wimax 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, 4G LTE, Others) By End-User (Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Enterprise Applications, Others) and By Geography - Forecast (2016 - 2021) Electronics
Energy Efficient Elevators Market: By Access Control (Card based, Keypads and Touch screens, Biometrics) Automation (Sensors and Controllers, Motors and Drivers, BMS) End User Applications (Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Others)-Forecast(2015-2020) Electronics
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Market Analysis - By Components (Sensors, Memory, Processors, RFID); By End Use Industry (Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy, Retail, Healthcare, Agriculture) - Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Image Sensors Market Analysis By Technology (CMOS, CCD); by Application (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Security and Surveillance) and Geography and Forecast (2014 - 2020) Electronics
Surge Protection Device Market-By Protection (Line-Neutral, Neutral-Ground, Line-Ground); By Type (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and others); By Component (Metal oxide varistor, Gas discharge tube, Silicon avalanche); By Application - Forecast (2015 - 2021) Electronics
Disconnect Switch Market - By Product (Fusible, Non-Fusible); By Pole (1-Pole, 2-Pole, 3-Pole, 4-Pole); Current Rating (Below 20A, 20.1-100A, 200.1-500A, and Above 500A); Switch (Rotary, Toggle); Application (Commercial, Industrial)-Forecast 2015 - 2021 Electronics
Circuit Breaker, Thermistor and Fuse Market: By Type (Circuit Breaker (Air, Vacuum, SF6, and Oil), Thermistor (NTC, PTC) and Fuse (Rewirable, Cartridge, Blade, Resettable) By Voltage; By Operation; Application (Transportation, Medical, Consumer, Other)-Fo Electronics
Uninterruptible Power Supply Market: By Type (Offline, Line Interactive, Online Double Conversion) By Power Rating (Below 15 kVA, 15.1-30 kVA, 30.1-50 kVA, Others) By Industry (Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunication)-Forecast(2015-2021) Electronics
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Market - By Product Type (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing); By End User (Commercial, Consumer); By End User Applications (Agriculture, Law enforcement, Survey, Others)- Forecast 2020 Electronics
Night Vision Camera Market - by Type(Infrared, Wireless, Others);;by Placement(Wall, Others);by Power(Wired, Battery Others); by Resolution(1080p,Others);by Body Type(Dome, Others);by End-User Applications(Military, Security, Others)-Forecast to 2020 Electronics
Digital Signage Market: By Display Technologies (2D and 3D Displays), By Components (Display, Network and Others), By Applications (Advertising, marketing and Others), By End User Industry (Corporate, Entertainment, Others), By Geography-Forecast(2016-202 Electronics
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Shielding Market Analysis - By Types (Cables, Grounding, Conductive Paints); By Equipment (Spectrum Analyzer, Amplifier, Others) and By Application (Electronics, Automotive, Others) - Forecast-2016-2021 Electronics
GigE Camera Market - by Type (Area, Line); by Image Sensors (CMOS,CCD);by Spectrum ( Monochrome, Color); by Resolution ( 1.0,>6.0,); by Application (Industrial, Security, Others); by End-User Industries ( Automotive, Defense, Others)-Forecast to 2021 Electronics
4D Printing Market- by Materials (Smart-Metal Alloys, Programmable Materials); by Applications (Morphing Aircraft, Humanoid Robot, others); by end user Industry (Aerospace, Biomedical)-Forecast to 2021 Electronics
Nanotechnology Market By Type (Nanocomposites, Nanofibers, Nanoceramics, Nanomagnetics); By Application (Medical diagnosis, Energy, ICT, Nano-EHS); By End-Users (Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Textile, Military) - Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Generator Circuit Breaker Market - By Type (Air Breaker, Miniature, Air Blast, Sf6, Oil, Vacuum); By Operating Mechanism (Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Spring Actuated); By Industry (Electricals, Electronics, Aerospace, Automobile, Others) - Forecast 2016 - 2021. Electronics
Inductors Market - By Type (Power, RF, Choke, Chip, Surface Mount, Coupled); Core Type (Air, Iron, Ferrite, Ceramic, Laminated, Powdered Iron); Technology(Wire Wound, Multilayer Ferrite, Film , Lasercut) and By Industry Forecast 2016 - 2021. Electronics
Optoelectronics Market: By Components (Phototransistors, Optocouplers and Others), By Devices (Photodiodes, LEDs and Others), By End User Industry (Medical, Telecommunication and Others) and By Geography- Forecast (2016-2021). Electronics
Smart Lighting Market Analysis- By Component (Sensors, Networks, Luminaries, Others); By Technology (Wired, Wireless); By Application (Commercial, Industrial, Others); By Geography-Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Virtual Retinal Display Market By Components (Video Electronics, Light Source, Scanner and others), By End User Industry (Health care, Military and others) and By Geography (Americas, APAC, Europe, ROW) Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Biophotonics Market: By Light Sources (Lasers, LEDs, Lamps), By Products; By Application (See-Through, Inside), By Technology (Spectroscopy, Light Microscopy), By End User Industry (Biotechnology, Medicine and Others) and By Geography- Forecast 2021 Electronics
Holographic Display Market: By Technology (Reflection, Transmission, Hybrid and Others), By Type (Laser, Semi-transparent and Others), By End-Users (Medical, Art and Museum, Defense and Aerospace and Others); By Geography- Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Pico Projectors Market: By Technology (DLP, LCoS, LBS, Others), By Type (Stand Alone, USB Projector, Others), By Specifications (Resolution, Contrast Ratio, Others), By Application (Entertainment, Commercial, Others) - Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Smart Electricity Meters Market - By Phase (Single and Three Phase); By Application (Commercial, Industrial, Residential); By Application (Analog Meter, Digital Meter, Smart Meter); By Industry (Auto Mobile, Oil and Gas, Mining, Water Treatment) - Forecas Electronics
Retail Automation Market: By Type (EPOS, Self-Checkout, others), By Component (RFID, Smart cart, barcode reader, others), By End-user (Hypermarkets, supermarkets, airports, petrol stations, others), By Geography- Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Surface Computing Market - By Use (Direct, Multi Touch, Multi User, Object Recognition, Others), By Hardware (Screen, Infrared, CPU, Others), By Technology (Optical, Capacitive, Resistive, Others), By Application (Entertainment, Hospitality, Banking, Othe Electronics
Shunt Reactor Market - By Phase (Single Phase, Three Phase); By Type (Air-Core Dry Shunt Reactor, Oil Immersed); By Industry (Power Substations, Industry Verticals, Others); and Geography - Forecast 2016 -2021. Electronics
Wireless RAN Market-By Network(GRAN,GERAN, Others) Types(Broadcast and Cellular Radio, Others)Application(Healthcare, Automotive, Others)Submarkets(Macro and Small Cell RAN, Others)Technology (GSM,GPRS,EDGE,IDEN and Others); By Region - Forecast (2016-202 Electronics
Claytronics Market By Applications (Consumer Products, Hotels, Medical, Disaster Relief and Others); By Types (Planer Catoms, Electrostatic Catoms, Giant Helium Catoms and Others); By Region- Forecast (2016-2021). Electronics
Femtocell Market-By Application(Military, Logistics, Consumer Goods, Others); By Technology (IU-H Femtocell Technology, IMS Femtocell Technology and Others); By Types (2G Femtocell, 3G Femtocell, 4G Femtocell and Others); By Region- Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Fuel cell Market By Usage (Commercials, Consumer Products, Automobile and Others); By Type (Metal Hydride Fuel cell, DFAFC, UMFC and others); By Region – Forecast (2016-2021). Electronics
Memristor Market - By Applications (Nano Electronics, computer Logics, Computer architectures, and Others); By types (Molecular and Iconic Thin Flir Memristor, Magnetic and Spin based Memristor and Others); By Region - Forecast (2016-2021). Electronics
MEMS based Oscillator Market-By Purpose (Sequencing, Managing Data Transfers, Others) Type(XO, VXXO, Others) Applications (Microprocessors, Networking , Others) Sectors (Consumer Electronics, Others) Devices (Cellphones, Projectors, Mp3, Others)-Forecast( Electronics
Nanowire Battery Market - By Applications (Energy Generation, Consumer Products, Controllers and others); By Nanowire Type (Metallic, Semiconducting, Insulating, Molecular) By Region- Forecast (2016-2021). Electronics
Smart Camera Market -By Integration (Integrated, Compact, Distributed) By Application (Robotics, Security, Traffic Surveillance, Others) By Industry (Defense, Aerospace, Automobile, Others) By Component (Sensors, LED, Storage Hardware, Others)-Forecast (2 Electronics
Electrocoating (E-Coat) Market - By Equipment (Curing System, Inspection System); By Type (Cathodic, Anodic); By Material (Acrylic, Epoxy); By Application (Automotive, Consumer Electronics) - Forecast(2016-2021) Electronics
Biometrics Banking Market - By End-Use (Branch Banking, Internet Banking, Banking ATM’s, Mobile Banking and Others); By Type (Hardware, Software); By Geography (Americas, APAC, Europe, RoW) - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Real Time Location Systems in Sports Market: By Component (Tags, Software, Sensor, Services)); By Technology (Active RFID [Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPS, UWB, Zigbee], Passive RFID); By Tracking (Player Training, In-Game Player, Asset) - Forecast (2016 - 2021) Electronics
Barcode Printers Market Analysis: by Technology (Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser, others) Printer Type (Desktop, Mobile, Industrial and Ticket Printers, Others) Industry Verticals (Healthcare, Entertainment, Retail, Shipping, and others) and Geography -Forecast Electronics
Integrated Radar and Camera (RACam) Market-By Sensor(Radar, Camera) Processor (Vision, Radar and Host Processors, Others) Application (Full-Speed Adaptive Cruise Control, Headway Alert, Collision Avoidance, Automated Highway and Urban Driving, Others)-For Electronics
Building Automation Systems (BAS) Market Analysis: By Product Type (Lighting, HVAC, Security and Access Control Systems and Others) Building Type (Office, Education, Lodging, Restaurants) Application (Residential, Commercial and Industrial)–Forecast(201 Electronics
Building Insulation Market Analysis: By Insulation Material (Wool Insulation, Plastic Foams, and Others); By Application (Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation, and Floor Insulation) – Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Cable Management System Market: By Product(Raceway, Cable Tray, Ladder, Chain and Reel, Others) Material(Metallic, Non-metallic) Industry (Supply Chain, Manufacturing, IT, Telecommunication, Energy, Utility, Oil, Gas, Mining)-Forecast(2016-2021) Electronics
Intrusion Detection System Market: By Type(Host-Based IDS, Wireless IDS, Network-Based IDS) Deployment(On-Site, Cloud Based IDS) Industry(Banking, Financial and Government Institutions, IT, Aviation, Transport, Defence, Education, Others)-Forecast (2014-2 Electronics
Passive Infrared Sensors Market Analysis: By Range (Short Wave, Mid Wave and Long Wave); By Device (Smoke Detector, Motion Controller, Heat Detector and Others) and By Application - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Automated Fingerprint Identification System Market Analysis: by Analysis Type (Latent, Ten-print Analysis) Components (Hardware, Software and Services) Application (Civil, Criminal, Others) End-users (Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Government, Transport Electronics
Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) Market Analysis: by Platform (Onshore-based and Vessel-based); Class (Class A AIS, Class B AIS and AIS Base Stations); Application (Vessel Tracking, Fleet Management and Others) and Geography – Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Automation Solutions Market Analysis: by Solutions (PLM, DCS, Machine Controllers, Instrumentation, Security, and Others) Industry Verticals (Automotive, Food and Beverage, Security and Surveillance, and Others) and Geography – Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Automotive Battery Market Analysis: by Battery Type (Lead Acid Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries, and Others) Vehicle Type (Electric Bikes, Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars and Others) and Geography – Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Brushless DC Market Analysis: by Voltage (Low, Mid and High Voltage) Applications (Linear, Servo, Extruder Drive Motors, Actuators, CNC Machines and Others) Industry Verticals (Consumer Electronics, Medical, Residential, Agriculture and Others)–Forecast Electronics
Circuit Breaker Market Analysis: by Applications (Automotive Transportation Equipment, Residential Building Construction, Electronics and Electrical Equipment, Others) Voltage Level(High, Medium and Low Voltage) Type(SF6, Vacuum Circuit Breaker and Others Electronics
Material Handling Equipment Market Analysis: by Product Type (Conveying Equipment, Hoist, Cranes and Monorail and Others); End-use Industry (Aerospace, Agriculture, Air Cargo and Construction and Others) and Geography – Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Material Testing Equipment Market Analysis: by Product Type (Hardness Testing Machine (HTM), Universal Testing Machine (UTM), and Others); by Application (Construction, Oil and Gas, Railways, Automotive and Others) and Geography - Forecast(2016-2021) Electronics
Mobile Mapping Market Analysis: by User Type (Individual and Enterprises); Application (Transportation, Retail, Manufacturing, Government and Public and Others); and Geography – Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Market Analysis: by Authentication Model (Two-factor, Three-factor, Four-factor and Five-factor); Application (Government, Travel and Immigration, Banking and Finance, Defense, Retail and Others) and Geography – Forecas Electronics
PCB Design Software Market Analysis: by Components (Transistors, Capacitors, Resistors, ICs and Others) Industry Verticals (Electronics, Semiconductor, Education, Research, Automotive and Others) Design Complexity Level (Low, Mid and High-level)–Forecas Electronics
Session Border Controller (SBC) Market Analysis: by Deployment Model (Enterprise, Hybrid and Service Provider SBC, Others) End-user Verticals (Public Sector, Manufacturing, Transportation, Others) Functions (Security, Interoperability, Others)-Forecast(20 Electronics
3D Camera Market Analysis: By Product (Smartphones, Tablets, Professional and Hobbyist Cameras, Others) Technology(Time of Flight, Stereo Vision, Structured Light, Others) Application(General Photography, Gaming, Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial and Oth Electronics
3D Display Market Analysis: By Technology (Volumetric, Stereoscopic, Head Mounted Displays and Others) Type(DLP, Plasma Display Panel, Organic LED, LED and Others) By Application (Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Gaming, Retail, Others)-Forecast(2016-20 Electronics
3D Imaging Market Analysis: By Technology (Stereoscopy, Anaglyph, Volumetric display, Parallax barrier, Holography, Lenticular Lens and Others) Type(3D Modeling, 3D Scanning, Layout and Animation, 3D Rendering, Image Reconstruction and Others) Application Electronics
3D NAND Flash Memory Market Analysis: By Product (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Consumer Electronics and Others); By Application (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
4K Display Resolution Market Analysis: By Product (Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Digital Cameras, TVs, Monitors and Others) Application (Consumer Electronics, Gaming and Entertainment, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Aerospace and Defense, Others)-Forecast(20 Electronics
Active Optical Cable Market Analysis: By Protocol (InfiniBand, Ethernet, Serial-Attached SCSI and Others); By Form Factor (QFSP, CXP and Others); By Application (Data Centers, Consumer Electronics and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Advanced Batteries Market Analysis: By Battery Type (Lithium ion, Lithium ion polymer, Nickel-based, Nickel cadmium, Nickel metal hybrid and Smart Nano, Others) By Storage Type (Electrical energy, Mechanical energy, Electrochemical and Others)-Forecast (2 Electronics
AMOLED Displays Market Analysis: By Type (Conventional, Flexible, 3D, Transparent and Others); By Application (Retail, Military, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Analog Integrated Circuit Market Analysis: By Type (General Purpose and Application Specific ICs); By Application (Computing Devices, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Market Analysis: By Fabrication (Discrete digital synthesis, variable-clock arbitrary and Hybrid and Others); By Application (Consumer Electronics, Communications, Military, RandD and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Atomic Layer Deposition Market Analysis: By Type (Precursor, Material, Film Type and Others); By Application (Electronics Sector, Mechanical Sector, Chemical Sector, Energy Sector, Healthcare, Nanotechnoloy and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Non-Volatile Memory Market Analysis: By Type (RAM, Spin-Transfer Torque RAM, Phase-Change Memory, Ferroelectric RAM, NAND Flash Memory, EPROM and EEPROM); By Product (Smart Cards, USB drives and hard drives); and By Application-With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Occupancy Sensor Market Analysis: By Technology (Passive infrared, Ultrasonic, Dual technology); By Network Connectivity (Wired, Enocean, Wi-fi, Zigbee, Z wave); By Coverage; By Building Type and By Application - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Optical Amplifier Market Analysis: By Application (Carrier Networking, Data Centers and Data Center Storage); By Type (Travelling Wave Amplifier, Fabry-Perot Amplifier and Erbium doped fiber amplifier) - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Optical Metrology Market Analysis: By Application, By Device and By Light Source- With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Organic Electronics Market Analysis: By Material (Semiconductor, Conductive, Dielectric and Substrate); by Application (Battery, Conductive Ink, Display, Lighting, Memory, Sensor, OPV, ORFID and Others) -With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Oscilloscope Market Analysis: By Application (Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace and others); By Bandwidth ( 1GHz, 1.1 – 8GHz, 8.1 – 32 GHz, others); By Type (Digital and Analog); – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Learning Analytics Solutions Market: By Solution(Predictive, Content, Others) By Deployment(On-premise, Cloud-based) By Geography- Forecast(2016-2021) Electronics
Parking Sensors Market Analysis: By technology (Ultrasonic Sensors, Electromagnetic Sensors and Others); By Fitment Type (OEM, After-market) and Geography -With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Particle Size Analyzer Market Analysis: By Technology (Laser Diffraction, DLS, Dynamic Imaging, Static Imaging, Coulter Principle and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis), By Dispersion Type and By Industry-With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Photoelectric Sensors Market Analysis: By Technology (Retro-reflective, Diffuse and Through Beam); By Type (Proximity, Fiber optic and Others); By Application (Parking facilities, Elevators, Building Automation, Semiconductors and Others)-With Forecast (2 Electronics
Power Electronics Market Analysis: By Substrate Wafer Technology (SiC, GaN and Others); By Devices and By Application (Industrial, Solar power, Wind power, Electric cars, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics) -With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Process Analyzer Market Analysis: By Type (Aluminum, Ammonia, Chlorine, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Fluoride, Liquid Density, MLSS, Near-Infrared, PH/ORP, TOC, Turbidity and Others); By Service and By Industry - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Radio Modem Market Analysis: By Frequency (License Free, UHF, Wi-Fi, VHF); By Communication Channel and Operating Range; By Application (Automotive, Traffic Management Systems, Electronic Toll Collection and Emergency Management System)-With Forecast (201 Electronics
Robotic Vision Market Analysis: By Technology (2D and 3D, Laser Based, Stereo Vision Based and Structured Light Based); By Algorithm (Cloud of Points, Contour-based, Correlation Based and Feature Extraction); By Application and Industry -With Forecast (20 Electronics
Scanning Electron Microscope Market Analysis: End-user segment (Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Others) - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
SCARA Robot Market Analysis: By Application (Electronics, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Rubber and Plastic, Metal Fabrication, Heavy Machinery, Automotive and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Secure Digital Card Market Analysis: By Size (SD, Mini SD and Micro SD); By Application (Mobile Phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Security Screening Market Analysis: By Type (X-Ray Systems, Biometric Systems, Metal Detectors, Explosive Trace Detectors, Shoe Scanners, Liquid Scanners and Others); By Application - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Semiconductor Memory Market Analysis: By Type (Volatile and Non-Volatile); By Application (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Mass Storage, Aerospace and Defense and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Set Top Box Market Analysis: By Type (Cable, Satellite, Internet Protocol, Digital Terrestrial Television, Over the Top and Others); By Content (High Definition, Standard Definition and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Market Analysis: By Material (Indium Gallium Arsenide, Mercury Cadmium Telluride, Indium Antimonide, Lead Sulfide and Others) and By Application - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Signal Generator Market Analysis: By Technology (2G, GSM, CDMA, 3G, WDCMA, CDMA2000, 5G, 4G, 3GPP LTE and WiMax); By Product; By Application (Design, Testing, Certification, Manufacturing, Trouble Shooting and Repair); By End-user- With Forecast (2016-202 Electronics
Silicon Photonics Market Analysis: By Components and By Application (Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Silicon Wafers Market Analysis: By Wafer Size (>200mm, 200mm, 300mm, 450mm); By Technology Node (Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Healthcare and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Smart Agriculture Market Analysis: By Hardware (Sensors, Displays, Transceivers, Gateways and Others); By Solution (Remote Monitoring, Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, Data Analytics, Connectivity and Others) and By Service – With Forecast (2 Electronics
Smart Antenna Market Analysis: By Type (Switched Multi-beam Antenna, Adaptive Array Antenna); By Technology (SIMO, MISO, MIMO); By Application (Cellular, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Broadband and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Smart Battery Market Analysis: By Type (Lead Acid, NiMH, NiCd, Zinc Carbon, Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion Polymer, Alkaline); By Application (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare and Others) – With Forecast (2016-20 Electronics
Smart Greenhouse Market Analysis: By Technology (Lighting System, Irrigation System, Communication System, Control System, HVAC, Pumps, Material Handling, Climate Control, Services); By Application (Hydroponic and Non-hydroponic) – With Forecast (2016-2 Electronics
Smart Home Appliances Market Analysis: By Connectivity (NFC, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, EnOcean, Cellular, RFID and Others); By Appliance (Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Smart Irrigation Market Analysis: By Sensor Type (Rain, Flow, Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Soil Moisture and Others); By Application (Agriculture, Greenhouses, Golf Courses, Parks, Residential, Landscaping and Others) – With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Smart Textile Market Analysis: By Type (Thermoelectric, Sensing, Energy Harvesting, Luminescent and Others); By Application (Fashion, Military, Medical, Sports and Fitness, Automotive and Others) - With Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Embedded System Market: By Type (Embedded Hardware, and Embedded Software), By Microcontroller (Small Scale, Medium Scale, and Large Scale), By Functionality, By End-User, and By region- Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Fibre Optic Sensors Market: By Technology (Brillouin Scattering, Raman Scattering, Rayleigh Scattering, and Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG)), By End-User, and By Region- Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Fingerprint Sensor Market: Global industry analysis by type (Capacitive, Optical, Thermal, Pressure, RF, Ultrasonic and Others), by end-use (Defense, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Financial, Government), by application and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Gas Sensors Market: By Type (Catalytic, Thermal, Electrochemical, Optical, IR, Semiconductor and Others); By Gas type (O2, CO, CO2, NOX and Others); By Application (Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Petrochemical and Others); By Geography– Forecast to 20 Electronics
Grow Lights Market Analysis: By Type (Fluorescent, HID, Plasma and LED); By Installation Type (New, Retrofit); By Application (Indoor Farming, Vertical Farming, Commercial Greenhouse and Others) and By Geography – Forecast to 2021 Electronics
Haptics Technology Market Analysis: By Feedback Type (Force, Tactile); By Components (Actuator, Haptic Drive, Microcontroller and Others); By Application (Consumer, Medical, Automotive and Others) and By Geography – Forecast to 2021 Electronics
High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Market Analysis: By Technology (CCC, VSC, LCC and UHVDC TRANSMISSION) By Project type (Point-to-Point Transmission, Back-to-Back Stations and Multi-Terminal Systems) By Application and Geography – Forecast Electronics
Home Energy Management System Market: By Device Type (Control, Display, Communication Device) By Technology(Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Ethernet, Others) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Home Theatre Market: By Output Channels (5.1 Channel, 6.1 Channel, 7.1 Channel, 9.1 Channel) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Hospital Lighting Market: By Types of Lighting Technologies (Fluorescent, Incandescen, and LED Lighting Technology), By Types of Lights, By Basis of Hospital Premises, and By Region-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Induction Motor Market: By Type (Single Phase Induction Motor, Three Phase Induction Motor) By Efficiency Class (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4) By Application (Residential, Industrial, Commercial Building, Agriculture, Transportation) and Geography-Forecast (2014-20 Electronics
Industrial 3D Printing Market: By Technology(Stereolithography, Fuse deposition modeling, Selective laser sintering), By Material(Polymers, Metals and Alloys, Others), By Application(Industrial Products, Defense) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Industrial PC Market: By Product Type (Panel, Rack Mount, Box, Embedded Panel, Embedded Box, Din rail PC with I/O) By End-Use Industry (Industrial, Traffic and Transportation, Healthcare, Telecom and Datacom, Others) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Inertial Measurement Unit Market: By Component Type (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Others) By End-Use Industry (Commercial, Defence, Marine, Industrial, Others) By Deployment Platform (Air, Land, Water) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Infrastructure Monitoring System Market: By Technology (Wired Type, Wireless), By Component (Hardware, Sensors, DAS and Communication System), By Application, By End-User and By region, forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Market: By End-Use Industry (Consumer Electronics, Industrial Motor drives, Inverters and UPS, Automotive (Electric and Hybrid Vehicles), HVAC, Renewable Energy and Others) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) Market: Global industry analysis by technology (DViT, Infrared Optical, Electromagnetic, and Others), by Application (Education, Corporate and Government) and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Land Mobile Radio Market: By Technology (Digital Land Mobile Radio, Analog Land Mobile Radio) By End-Use Application Industry (Marine and Aviation, Military and Defence, Fire Fighting and Emergency Response Services, Mining, Law enforcement Department, Ot Electronics
Laser Drilling Market: Global industry analysis by technology (Percussion Laser Drilling and Trepanning Laser Drilling), by Application (Automotive, Aerospace, Ceramic and Electronic Industries) and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Magnetic Sensors Market: By Type (Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive Magnetometer, Hall Effect, Giant Magneto Resistance Magnetometer, and Tunnel Magneto Resistance Magnetometer), By Technology, By Application and by Region, forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Email Applications Market: By Email Open Type (Mobile, Desktop, Webmail); By Type (Cloud Business Email, Enterorise Messaging Platforms, Others) By Geography (Europe, APAC, North America and Rest Of The World): Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Infrared Detector Market: By Type(Indium Gallium Arsenide, Thermopiles, Microbolometers, Others), By Application(Temperature Measurement System, People and Motion, Gas and Fire Detection, Others) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Interactive Kiosk Market: By Type (Retail Interactive Kiosk, Self Service Kiosk, ATM’s) By End Use Industry (Retail Industry, Entertainment and Hospitality, Medical, Transportation, Government and BFSI, Education) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Interactive Projector Market: Global industry analysis by technology (DViT, Infrared Optical, Electromagnetic, and Others), by Application (Education, Corporate and Government) and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
LED Video Walls Market: By Deployment Technology(Hardware Based, Software Based, Network Operated LED Video Walls) Application(Streaming, Advertising Applications) End Use Industry(Transportation and Logistics, Media and Advertising, Others)-Forecast(2014 Electronics
Level Sensor Market: by Technology Type (Contact Type and Non-Contact Type), End-User Application (Oil and Gas, Chemical and Others), Monitoring Type (Point and Continuous) and Geography, Forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Light Electrical Vehicle Market: By Type (Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Light Sensor Market: By Function(Single Phase Light Sensor, Ambient Light and Rgb Color Sensing, Others), By Output(Analog, Digital), By Integration(Discrete, Combination), By Application(Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Others) and Geography-Forecast (2 Electronics
Lithium Ion Market: By Material Type (Cathode, Anode, Electrolytic Solution, Others (Separator, Binder, Foils, and others)) By Application (Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Others (Energy, Medical, and Military)) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Load Cells Market: By Product Type (\ Electronics
Machine Tool Market: By Product Type (Metal Cutting Tools, Metal Forming Tools, Special Machine Tools) By End-Use Industry (Automotive, Aerospace/Defence, Primary and Fabricated Metals, Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Others) and Geography-Forecast ( Electronics
Multifunctional Coating Market: By Application (Construction, Automotive, Healthcare, Others) By Technology(Nano Composite, Bi-Layer, Micro-encapsulation, Others) By Function(Self-Cleaning, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Icing, Others) By Geography - Forecast(2016- Electronics
Smart Thermostats Market: By New Technology (Wired Network, and Wireless Network) By Component (Display, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Others) By End-User, and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Software Defined Radios Market: By type (Ideal Software Defined Radio, Baseband Software Defined Radio (BBSDR), and High Frequency Software Defined Radio (HFSDR)), By End-User, and by region, 2014-2021 Electronics
Soil Moisture Sensor Market: By Type (Volumetric Soil Moisture Sensors, and Soil Water Potential Sensor) By End-Use Industry (Agriculture, Sports Turf, Weather Forecasting, and Others), and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Solid State Drive Market: By Interface (SATA, SAS, and PCIE) By Capacity ( 250GB, 250 GB to 500 GB, 500 GB to 750 GB, 750 GB) By End-User (Enterprise, and Client) By Application and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Solid State Relay Market: By Mounting Type (Panel Mount, PCB Mount, DIN Rail Mount, and Others) By Output (AC Solid State Relay, DC Solid State Relay, AC/DC Output Relay, and Current Rating) By End-User and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Spatial Light Modulator Market: By Type (Optically Addressed, and Electrically Addressed) By Resolution ( Than 1024*768 Pixel Resolution, and => Than 1024*768 Pixel Resolution) By Application, and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Static Random Access Memory Market: By Product Type (Asynchronous SRAM, PSRAM, nVSRAM, and Others) By Flip-Flop Type (Binary SRAM, and Ternary SRAM) By Transistor Type, By Feature, By End-Use Industry and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Static VAR Compensator Market: By Type (Thyristor-Based SVC, and Magnetically Controlled Reactor-Based SVC) By End-Use Industry (Electric Utility, Renewable, Railway, Industrial, Oil and Gas, and Others), By Component and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Structural Health Monitoring Market: By Technology (Wired, and Wireless), By Solution (Hardware, and Software and Services), By End-User (Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Buildings, Stadiums, and Others), and By Region-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Surface Mount Technology Market: By Equipment (Soldering, Screen Print, Placement, Inspection, Cleaning, Repair and Rework), By Component (Passive Surface Mount, Transistor and Diodes, and Integrated Circuits), By End-User, and By Region-Forecast (2014-20 Electronics
Terminal Automation Market: By Product (DCS, SCADA, PLC, HMI, Process Safety System, Automatic Tank Gauging, Blending Controls, and Security), By Transportation Mode (Truck, and Pipeline), By End-User, and By Region-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Terminal Block market: By Type (Barriers, Sectional, PCB Mount, and Power Terminal Blocks), By End-User (Business Equipment, HVAC, Power Supplies, Industry Controls, Instruments, Telecom Equipment, Transportation), and By Region-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Test and Measurement Market: By Product (Wireless Test Equipment, General Purpose Test Equipment (GPTE), Semiconductor Test Equipment, and Real-Time Test Equipment), By End-User, and By Region-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Thermal Printing Market: By Technology (Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, and Dye Sublimation), By Printer Type (Label and Tag, Mobile, Point of Sale, Kiosks and Ticket, Card, and RFID), By Component, By End-User, and By Region-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Thermoelectric Generator Market: Global industry analysis End User (Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Industrial End-User, Self-powered Sensors, Others), by Temperature, by Wattage, by Source, by Material and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Traction Transformer Market: Global industry analysis by Type (Tap Changing, Tapped and Rectifier), Rolling Stock (High-Speed Trains, Electric Locomotives, Trams, and Electric Multiple Units), Voltage Network (AC and DC) and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Transfer Switch Market: Global Industry Analysis by Type (Automatic and Manual Transfer Switch), Transition Mode (Open, Closed, Delayed, and Soft Load Transition Mode), Applications (Industrial, Commercial, and Residential) and by region, forecast 2014-20 Electronics
Transient Electronics Market: Global Industry Analysis by Material (Silicon and Magnesium), by Application (Medical and Defence), and by Region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Transmission Tower Market: Global Industry Analysis by Type (AC and DC), by Design (Tubular Steel, Lattice, Wood and Concrete), and by Region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Transparent Electronics Market: Global Industry Analysis by End-Use (Consumer Electronics, Transportation, and Energy Sources), by Application (Touch Display Panels, Optical Coating, Solar Cells and Others), by Material and by Region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis by End-Use Industry (Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Electrical and Electronics and Others), by Type of Transducers, and by Region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Vehicle Surveillance Market: In-Vehicle Surveillance by Product (PAS, ACC, HUD LDW, BSD and GPS), Vehicle Type, Under Vehicle Surveillance by Type (Fixed and Portable) and Out Vehicle Surveillance and by Region, Forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Vibration Monitoring Equipment Market: by Product (Portable, Online and Others), by Component (Accelerometer, Eddy Current Proximity Probe and Others), by Application and by region, forecast 2014-2021 Electronics
Visualiser Market: By Product Type (Portable Visualise, Desk Visualise, and Ceiling Visualiser) By Camera Type (Digital Visualiser, High Definition Visualiser, and Others) By End-User and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021) Electronics
Wearable Fitness Technology Market: By Product Category (Hand, Leg and Head wear), By Product Type(Smartwatch, Wristband, Smart Cap, Shoe, Garment, Others), By Health Activity Tracking(Heart Rate, Sleep, Movement, Others) and Geography-Forecast (2014-2021 Electronics
Packaged Substation Market -By Voltage Types (High Voltage, Transformer, Low Voltage and Others); By Applications (Industrial, Energy, Infrastructure, Power Generation, Power Utilities, Commercial and Others); and Geography - Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Protective Relay Market -By Operation Mechanism (Electromagnetic, Static and Others); By Application (Feeder Protection, Motor Protection and Others); By End-User (Industrial, Utilities, Renewable and Others); and By Geography - Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Smart Energy Devices Market -By Type (Smart Meters, smart Home Appliances and others) component (power, memory, processing, communication interface) Application (Emission reduction, reducing carbon footprint and others); End users-Forecast(2016-2021) Electronics
Synchronous Condenser Market - By Cooling Type (Hydrogen Cooled, Air and Water Cooled And Others); By Components (Stator, Cooling System, Exciter And Others); By Industry (Wind / Solar, Oil and Gas And Others); By Geography - Forecast (2016-2021) Electronics
Automated Material Handling Market: By Products (Automated Guided Vehicle, Automatic Retrieval System) System type (Unit Load, Load MHS) Application (Chemical, Automobile, Electronics, E-Commerce) Operation (Assembly, Packaging, Waste Handling, Storage)-F Electronics
Automation Market: By industry (automotive, oil and gas, others), components (sensors, switches, others), tools (HMI, SCADA, PLM, others), technology (ANN, PLC, others), Applications (HVAC, Lighting, security, others) and geography – Forecast (2016-2021 Electronics
Cryocooler Market: By Temperature (100K-300K, 50K-100K); By Regenerative (Stirling, Pulse Tube); By Non-Regenerative (Joule-Thomson, Brayton, Claude); By Application (SMES, Cryopumps, SQUID, Spectrometer, IR Detectors, Maglev) - Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Flip Chip Market: By Packaging Process (fcBGA, fcCsp, WLP, Others), By end users (Smartphones, Laptops, Automotive, Robotics, Medical Devices, Others), By applications (2D logic system-on-a-chip, Memory, Imaging, Various ICs, Others) – Forecast (2016 - Electronics
High Speed Camera Market: By Spectrum (Visible, IR); By Components (Image Sensor, Processor, Lens, Memory, Others); By Application (Aerospace and Defense, Media and Entertainment, Consumer Electronics, Automation, RandD, Others) - Forecast 2016-2021 Electronics
Home Security Systems and Solutions Market: By Equipment (Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Others); By Solutions (VSaaS, ASaaS, Others); By Home Type (Independent, Condominiums, Apartments, Others) and Geography - Forecast 2016-202 Electronics
Ingestible Sensors Market: By Component (Sensor, Wearable Patch/Data Recorder, Software), By Sensor type (Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, PH Sensor, Image Sensor), By Application (Medical, Sports and Fitness, Others) – Forecast to 2021 Electronics
IoT Communication Technologies Market: By Cellular Technologies (2G/3G, 4G); By Wireless Technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Others); By Low Power Technologies (Licensed, Unlicensed); By Applications (Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Computing, Othe Electronics
Smart Parking Systems Market: By End User (Residential, Commercial, On-Road), By products/services (AGV systems, Crane Systems, Puzzle Systems, RGC Systems, Shuttle systems, Silo Systems, Tower Systems, Others) – Forecast to 2021 Electronics
Software-defined Radio Market: By Components (FPGA, DSP, GPP, Programmable System On Chip, Amplifier, Software, Others), By Applications (Military, Airborne/Naval, Telecommunications Infrastructure, Domestic, Transportation, Others)-Forecast(2016-2021) Electronics
Terahertz Market: by sources (natural, artificial), by sensors (Schottky diode, bolometer, others), systems (spectroscopy, imaging, others), By Applications (industrial NDT, defense, biomedical, others), devices and geography - Forecast to 2021 Electronics
Wireless Audio Market: By technology (Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Sonos, SLNA, Others) Frequency Range (500-694MHz, 900-928 MHz, Others) Applications (Live Events, Communication Technology, Others) By type of products (Microphones, Sound Bars, Radio, Others)-Foreca Electronics