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Event Consulting

IndustryARC provides exclusive and comprehensive consulting services to support global events, conferences and expos to gain critical reception from the correct target audience. As an International market intelligence provider for multiple industry verticals, our breadth and depth of industry data can be profoundly helpful in empowering event organizers to provide value addition to multiple participants in the ecosystem.  Our knowledge partnership programs are tailor-made to suit requirements of any event and have resulted in direct growth of 50% more audiences cumulatively till date.

Research Reports

Market and Trade Reports on the Conference topic and sub-events, which act as conduits for key sponsors, advertisers, speakers and event organizers to collaborate and showcase their thoughts. These reports can be recognized as one-off valuable compilations, with market context, trends and analysis added by our market intelligence teams.


We provide whitepapers and technical reports on the key topics of discussion, compiled in collaboration with the CXOs, speakers and industry veterans participating in an event. These act as opinion pieces, which can become the IP of the event organizers and are highly effective in proliferating the brand value for future prospecting. 

Company Videos

Our team of expert marketing and media personnel interview and capture sound bytes, one on one in-depth discussion, and opinion pieces from all types of participants in an event. These videos are highly technical and relevant to interested participants, setting them apart from general media-style interviews. Our engaging discussions bring out thought leadership insights from CXOs, which can be invaluable IP and promotional aids for event organizers.


Our global news and media team constantly analyze news from across key geographic regions, which are relevant to an event to proactively plug-in promotional material, modified as per requirement and monitored for optimal results.