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Webinar - Innovations in Packaging - Intelligent Packaging Market
Event Date: 22 February, 2018 20:00   Venue : Online

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Innovations in Packaging

Packaging which goes beyond regular packaging combined with traditional printed features such as alphanumeric, graphics and simple barcodes applicable to primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging can be termed as smart packaging. This is a fast growing buzzword in the packaging industry these days. Smart Packaging is classified into 3 type’s namely active, intelligent and modified atmospheric packaging.

Intelligent packaging being the fastest growing (14%) among them is set to appeal big brands and attract consumers in all the packaging end use industries. Though the concept of Intelligent packaging was introduced back in 1970, recent developments has brought significant growth in the demand.

  • OEMs and ODMs
  • Design Companies
  • Distributors & Suppliers
  • Component & IC Firms
  • Production and Line Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Retail Companies
  • Packaging Companies
  • And Others

Key Takeaways:
  • Comprehensive market scenario
  • Key players and solutions offered
  • End user preferences and expectations
  • Intelligent Packaging Examples
  • Technological developments
  • Focus areas and opportunities
  • Definition & Scope
  • Intelligent Packaging: Technologies Developments
  • Market dynamics
  • Application in various end user industry
  • Market Drivers and Opportunities
  • Key concern needs to be addressed
Associate Research Analyst - Deepthi Reddy