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Webinar - Medical Outsourcing Report: Increasing Scope of Medical Outsourcing Services Industry - Value addition and Synergetic Relationships Key Growth Pointers
Event Date: 15 November, 2016 19:30   Venue : Online

  • Summary
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Lifesciences and Medical Industry is witnessing radical elevation be it the robots performing surgeries or the wearable medical devices which are literally changing human lives. With growing innovations, expenditure is eventually rising and there is a sharp need to minimalize the overall budget for the global healthcare market. Medical Outsourcing Market comes to the savior here; successfully fulfilling the agenda or being able to provide the best of best services at the lowest price possible.

Medical Outsourcing Market is speeding across multiple industry verticals globally; the U.S. showing eminent development signs supported by growing support from effective measures implemented like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

“Most of the developed nations spent more than 10% of their GDP on health care in 2013, US leading with 17.1%, compared to that of developing nations in the range of 3 to 8%. India spent about 4% of its GDP on health care in the same year” – World Health Organization.

There is a sharp shift in trend noted from conventional outsourcing to novel profiles; because controlling costs has become imperative. Let’s consider pharmaceutical industry which has begun (on a large scale) to outsource non-core projects like IT, R&D, manufacturing and HR roles. Veterans Administration has lately appeared in the spotlight for opting healthcare outsourcing for veteran’s care. 100% efficiency and reducing failure coupled with increased speed is the primary aim being carried out by the global players of this market.
  • Overview of Medical Outsourcing Market
  • Deployment of medical outsourcing in diverse end-users medical industries
  • Consumer demand coupled with regulatory reform mandates
  • Utilization of medical outsourcing services across diverse regions
  • Demand for quality healthcare
  • Rising diseases such as cardiac and neurological disorders along with aging populations
  • Reducing manufacturing costs of OEMs medical device
  • Increase in demand for  R&D in  medical devices
The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes.
Speakers: Research Manager - Dependra Lal, IndustryARC