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Webinar - Nanotechnology Applications - Commercialization Opportunities Across Industry Segments
Event Date: 26 July, 2016 00:00   Venue : online

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Today, Nanotechnology is one among the top few technological buzzes. Among all the digital revolutions, robotics, genetics and infotainment have already proved their mind-accelerating powers. Lately, there has been a baffling advancement in the field of Nanotechnology. While it somehow is lesser under the limelight as compared to the former, IndustryARC market research experts predict and explain how the commercialization of nanotechnologies have the potential to drive innovative and competitive industries by enabling advancements in multiple sectors be it energy, automotive, aerospace, construction and biosciences or others.

Familiarity is Near: Everything today is being created at a nanotech level and this shall cause an increased number of governments to support; players to invest and open up a plethora of opportunities for individuals.
  • FMCG: Nano enabled packaging for food and pharmaceuticals industry; growing prominence
  • Despite being well established in multiple segments, most popular in chemicals and materials.
  • Automation: Start-ups like Modumetal grow its metals using electricity and nanotechnology.
  • No More Washing; Textiles: Nano-enhanced textiles could clean themselves with light in the future. Increasing customer demand for durable, functional & sustainable apparel has clubbed nanotech with textiles. Inducing stain repellence, wrinkle-freeness, static elimination, and electrical conductivity to fibers without compromising their comfort and flexibility could be our near future.
  • Energy & Resources: Nano-reactors for production of hydrogen biofuel might resolve all those demand & supply issues.
  • NanoTechnology Solar panels may change current installation concerns; might work regardless of instalment location.
  • Nanotechnology in medicine: Nanotechnology has made remarkable progress in the medical field from tissue engineering techniques to biotechnology but do you know that the nanotech can be used to terminate cancer cells without affecting normal cells at all?

Such are the inventions having the potential to turn tables down and create wonders across industries like electronics, cosmetics & paints, defense & security and more.
  • Nanotechnology & its current implications across various industries
  • Nanotechnology Commercialization Model
  • Challenges in nanotechnology commercialization
  • Successful commercialization models across industries
  • Future commercialization opportunities for nanotechnology
  • Corporate business strategies for commercialization
  • Investments and government initiatives
  • Nano layers and their increasing applications
The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes.

: Research Manager - Dependra Lal, IndustryARC