3rd GCC Operational Technology Security Forum 2017
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3rd GCC Operational Technology Security Forum 2017 - Saudi Arabia
Event Date: 24 October, 2017 15:00   Venue : Al-Khobar - Saudi Arabia

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cyber security event
Cyber Attacks has consistently ranked amongst the top threats faced by businesses. Cyber Security as a subject that has now reached boardroom agendas. In an OT/ICS environment, the threat is amplified much more because it can have ramifications that impact  human lives and their safety. The region itself has been witnessed some of the biggest cyber-attacks against energy companies. The region has been quick to respond and we have seen that the regulatory environment in the region is changing pace to ensure improved cyber-security within the sector. Organizations have been spending and revamping their strategies to address this threat. Countries and major companies are now becoming more focusing and investing time to ensure that the critical infrastructure networks are secured in effective manner. Security and quality testing for operational technology (OT) is a specific and demanding discipline. It requires an industrial mindset, in-depth OT cyber security knowledge and the ability to apply best practices to industrial process environments. 

3rd edition of OT Security Forum aims to grant a platform to cyber security and operational team to discuss and brainstorm ideas that could potentially hold the keys to questions that may help us build a secure and better future for critical infrastructure.
Our main focus is to illuminate and up-skill delegates on effectively securing OT infrastructure through different courses of action such as convergence of IT and OT, defeating cyber threats, changing the regulatory landscape, understanding smart cities, etc.