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Global Demand and Growth Potential of IGZO Displays

Published By : IndustryARC | Published On : 29-10-2013
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IGZO or Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Displays is a patented technology from Sharp is a revolutionary, transparent compound semiconductor mass produced and brought to market. IGZO achieves about twice the resolution of conventional LCDs, with electron mobility 20-50 times faster than that of amorphous silicon. It achieves power savings of around 80-90% compared to LCD panels when displaying still images, by pausing the driving signals to maintain the same image.

While the overall display industry is expecting slow growth and negative growth in some segments like Televisions, IGZO displays have a bright future in our opinion. The high resolution backplanes made from IGZO and LTPS are primarily used in smartphones and this market however is expected to grow strongly in the next 5 years. Sharp also has converted one of its TV plants at Kameyama to the IGZO backplanes production recently and with news that Apple, Samsung being the next customers of this technology, this market will be a much needed growth factor for the global display industry.