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Four Screens Better Than One for Advertisers, CDNs and Customers

Published By : IndustryARC | Published On : 03-02-2013
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Digital media and entertainment (DME) which is a part of the overall Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is currently seeing many innovations which are expected to make it more interactive and immersive for the consumer. Digital entertainment is now catering to the anytime anywhere entertainment audience and this has finally remove the barriers between physical and virtual media experiences. It is expected that new opportunities and challenges will be seen in the products and services of the DME industry. The traditional business processes and consumption patterns are also expected to change significantly.

The four screens refer to laptop or PC, smartphone, tablet PC and television and the seamless integration and communication between these 4 devices will be the next major challenge for the digital entertainment industry. Initial interest has come from technology companies who have a product in each one of these categories but in the coming years, every shareholder of the digital entertainment and content delivery value chain must gear up for this shift in content or media consumption.