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Custom Research Service

As a market intelligence firm, we do track the markets and come up with break through research. Most times, we produce research that would be beneficial to a larger set of audience and with a limited capacity, it is practically impossible to cover everything under the sun.

Our custom research services are designed to meet this demand-supply gap, where we come up with the research you want on an immediate basis.

Q) Wouldn’t it be costlier if it is not an off the shelf report?

- No. As long as it takes the same amount of resources from our side, the charges for custom research would be the same as an off the shelf report. We do this because it helps expand our horizons as well. The research we do for you is the research we do for ourselves as well.

Q) What all models do you have for custom research apart from the regular type?

Dedicated Researcher/team Model

A dedicated research team is like your research team sitting in our offices, using our expertise and resources. You would benefit from not having to hire and train a research team and not know what to do with their idle time. You could hire our research time for a period of time and they would be working only for you, during the consigned period. Apart from the research problem you give us, we would find what is best for you and deliver it time to time.

Custom- Subscription Model

This is a dedicated researcher/ team model on a subscription basis. You need not hire the team for a period, if your research requirements are many small ones rather than few big ones. You could subscribe for a period, of which you could use as many number of hours you need, as and when you want.