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Revenue Growth Partnership (RGP) Model

Strategic business growth depends on an idea or an initiative. Out of the "N" number of plans to increase the turnover, a company has to zero in on the best one so that all the resources and hard work can be planned around this. The best plan in our opinion should be backed by solid research which consists of numbers and logic. This is where our syndicate reports, custom research and business consulting services are very helpful, and can be used to understand different parameters to make a sound business plan.

Research is of course also necessary to implement these plans, especially when a company is small and has to grow big and grow fast. Any company planning for a 10X or 100X growth cannot just stop at zeroing on a plan. It has to understand in-depth the geography it wants to enter, the partnerships, distributors to be taken up and so on. Custom research services can be definitely helpful in this regard, but we at IndustryARC are a client-first company and for those clients who are skeptical about the usefulness of a custom study or those who do not have budget for them, we offer the RGP Model.

Following are some of the key points of the Revenue Growth Partner Model.

  1. We carry out research and conduct interviews and surveys on our client's behalf. We analyze the market and customer behaviour for our clients.
  2. We prepare a plan of action and presentation for our clients enlisting those plans, which are essential for increasing revenue.
  3. We also assess the risks for our clients and provide significant data to support the plans formulated by us.
  4. We take up the plan chosen by the client and use our extensive industry contacts across the globe to choose partners, distributors and value chain for a client's product or service

revenue growth partnership

We follow this 4 step process diligently and once a business deal is finalized with our client and their customer, we take a commission fee which varies based on the scale of the assignment. Nominal charges are taken to cover the basic expenses of conducting research and travel only. Our revenue is hence dependent on our client revenues. Any costs incurred are beared by IndustryARC and is a risk we are willing to take.

We are confident of our research and the action plan we provide to our clients. As an extension, we are also confident that our plan works in increasing revenues for our customers. Sometimes, so many companies have a unique product or service and are limited in growth because of lack of actionable strategies backed by sound research due to budget or other reasons. At IndustryARC, we strongly believe that the RGP model is apt for companies that are looking to achieve higher sales, improve their performance, increase revenues and satisfy customers!