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Snap Shot Research

Q) I am a busy consultant. I have a client meet in 3 days from now and need to know everything about the industry – Its drivers, restraints, key trends and influential players. I know I could as well get an industry report but buying a report is costly and there is a lot of information that I don’t need. What do I do?

- It’s called Snapshot consult and is provided by IndustryARC. We provide you with the right amount of data and insights needed by you to be expert in the industry topic by the time you have a meet with the client or have an important board room discussion.

Q) Most reports are very extensive. I neither need information in such detail nor do I want to spend so much in buying a full length report. My needs are specific.

- We understand that and give you the specific data and insights you need at a pro-rata and affordable price.

Q) I see that you do not have a readymade off the shelf report with you, in my area of interest. How quick can you provide me with research?

- Any data/ insights you ask for, we’ll provide that to you in a span of 5-10 days. And we strive to come up with the best of the research that the industry can provide you.