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Energy and Power Equipment
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Next Generation Energy Storage Systems Market: By Device (Batteries, Fuel cells, Flywheels, Ultracapacitors, Energy grids and others), By Application (Electronics, Transportation and others) & By Geography - Forecast (2017 - 2022)
By: IndustryARC
SunPower in June, 2014 announced its battery-based backup storage services for commercial as well as residential solar projects. Oncor Electric Delivery Co. of Dallas plans to invest around $2 billion in the future for next generation battery storage systems.... read more
16 January, 2017 $ 4250
Top Drive System Market: By Type (Electric, Hydraulic & Others), By Application (Onshore, Offshore, Drillship & others) & Global - Forecast (2017-2022)
By: IndustryARC
Top drive system market is constantly evolving thus facilitating development of new technologies.... read more
05 January, 2017 $ 4250
Switchgear Market: By Type (Conventional Switchgear, Modular Switchgear); By Application (Industries, Utilities, Residential, Commercial & Others); By Components (Relays, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Bus Bars and Others); By Geography -Forecast (2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
The global gas insulated switchgear market is expected to show impressive growth in the future.... read more
16 March, 2016 $ 4250
Marine Engine Market: By Fuel (Gas, Marine Diesel Oil) By Propulsion Mechanism (Diesel Electric & Others) By Vessels (Commercial, Others) By Engine Power in terms of HP (20000-40000) By Use(Crew Vessel, Standby & Rescue Vessel ) By Application (General Cargo, Reefer)-Forecasts (2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
Marine transportation costs less when compared with other means of transportation.... read more
25 February, 2016 $ 4250
Diesel Generators Market: By Power Rating (0-100kVA, 100-350kVA, 350-1000kVA, Above 1000kVA) By Application (Stand By Power, Peak Shaving, Prime / Continuous Power) By End Users (Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Others) & By Geography -Forecast(2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
Owing to benefits such they are widely used in industrial applications because of their supreme reliability and low use of fuel.... read more
24 February, 2016 $ 4250
Gas Turbines Market: By Design Type (Heavy Duty, Industrial); By Capacity (1-40MW, 40-120MW); By Technology (Open Cycle, Combined Cycle); By Application (Power Generation, Oil & Gas); & Geography-Forecast (2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
Gas Turbines are used in various applications such as power generation, oil & gas, automobile, food processing and others.... read more
18 February, 2016 $ 4250
Smart Meters Market: By Type (Electric, Water, Gas); By End Users (Residential, Commercial, Industrial); By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, RoW)- With Forecast (2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
This "next generation" of meters are replacement for existing meters and send electronic meter readings to energy supplier automatically... read more
15 February, 2016 $ 4250
Industrial Waste Management Market: By Approaches (Incineration, Recycling, Composting, Landfill); By End-User Industry (Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Electronics, Automobile, Others) & By Geography - Forecast (2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
Waste management is an assortment, shipping, and clearance of garbage, sewage and other waste products.... read more
12 February, 2016 $ 4250
Heat Exchanger Market: By Type (Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat & Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchanger & Others) By Product (Transformer Oil Coolers, Radiators & Others) By Industry (Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Food Processing & Others)-Forecast(2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
Heat exchangers so not deploy any external heat and work communications.... read more
22 January, 2016 $ 4250
Water Desalination Equipment Market: By Technology (Capacitive Deionization, Reverse Osmosis & Others) By Application (Municipality, Hospitality, Food & Beverages & Others) By Energy (Thermal, Electrical & Mechanical) & By Geography -Forecast (2016-2021)
By: IndustryARC
Water used for this process is sea water, by using this process sea water is processed in to drinking water.... read more
04 January, 2016 $ 4250