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Non-Destructive Testing Equipment will Witness Growth in Utilization and Innovation for Composite Materials Testing During the Next Decade
Non-destructive testing is being utilized in the recent years to test the composites that are mostly used in critical safety applications in aircraft primary structures and interior and exterior structures of transport vehicles
Japan’S Target for Autonomous Vehicle is Rising the Need of Mobile Mapping Systems
The upgraded MMS also makes use of the laser scanning point cloud technique for gathering 3D positioning data of roadside facilities such as road signage, lane marking and traffic signals
Ant Financial Services Group Merged with Moneygram Worth $880 Million as a Part of Business Expansion and Technology Development
MoneyGram International Inc., head quartered in U.S. is a global innovative provider for money transferring services
The Increasing Residential Construction Sector in Middle East have Boosted the Market for UV Stabilizers.
Following the growth in automobile production, the demand of UV stabilizer in APAC has risen sharply and is still growing. The market is anticipated to reach $1.58 billion by 2021 with a well-paced CAGR
Cold Formed Steel Framing
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for Steel framing in APAC has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $74.05 billion by 2021
Bio Fertilizer, Ecofriendly way for Improving Crop Yield While Reducing Waste
Improving the Yield of Food Crops to Meet the Demand from Increasing Population Propels the Growth of Global Specialty Fertilizers Market to reach $71.49 Billion by 2021
Voc Free Adhesives Aim at Shaping the Future of Roofing & Construction
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for roofing adhesives in APAC has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $5.44 billion by 2021
Nanocoatings: A Future Material for Aerospace and Electronics Industry
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for Nano coatings in APAC has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $14 billion by 2021
Increasing Focus on Energy Efficiency and Environmental Safety: A Novel Challenge to Lubricant Additive Formulators
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for lubricant additives in APAC has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $18.7 billion by 2021
Gas Turbine for Power Generation
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for gas turbines in APAC has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $20.12 billion by 2021
Rise in the Commercial Aviation Market in the Emerging Economies of the APAC Propels the Growth of Fluoroelastomers
Usage of elastomers in automotive, medical and footwear industry will increase the elastomers market and is estimated to reach $87 billion by 2022
Nemetschek Group Purchased Solibri for €32 Million
Growth is primarily attributed because of the increasing number of government regulations with regards to the adoption of BIM in AEC sector coupled with the escalating need of automated models in construction space that enhance the operational efficiencies
Building Information Modeling (Bim): An Efficient Tool for Construction 3D Printing
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for 3D printing in construction has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $234.47 million by 2021.
Increasing Emphasis on Home Automation & Rise in Burgalary Cases Driving the Demand for the Video Intercom Devices
Video intercom devices have the capability to monitor the visitors at various entrance using a single main monitoring station has been driving the deployment of these systems over other security systems thereby augmenting the market growth
Automated Robots: Future Of Weed Control
Knight Farm Machinery, Precision Farming Robots and Researchers from the University of Reading have teamed together in developing an automated spot herbicide ejector
Industrial Production Trends Towards Prolonged Shelf-Life and Controlled Qual­Ity to Propel the Smart Packaging Market Growth
Smart packaging is already driving consumer demand and influencing purchasing decisions of the consumers while transforming the retail experience and stock management processes
Increasing Number of Security Threats have been Driving the Market Growth of Security Screening Systems
Security screening systems are installed by several institutions, airports, hostels and other places as an essential security checkpoint and these systems are designed to maintain a secure environment by preventing the entry of weapons or other hazardous materials
High Resolution LiDAR Sensor will be Dominated by Automotive Industry
Lidar sensors used in ADAS, measures the distances from objects and relative speeds using ultraviolet, infrared radiation or visible light
Growing Industrialization in Asia-Pacific Region: Boosting the Growth of Laser Processing Machines.
Asia-pacific is one of the emerging hubs for manufacturing sector with major industry including automotive, metals, food & beverage, Chemicals among others
Expanding Fixed Investments and Packaging Demand set to Propel Filling, Capping and Sealing Equipment Market Growth
Filling capping and sealing equipment involves packaging of glass, metal, plastic, paper and others material containers and filling of solid, liquid and semi-solid products into them
Need for Safety in Automotive Applications is Paving the way for DSRC Systems
Increase in population is also one of the reasons for the rise in number of vehicles, resulting to more demand for travel, thereby leading to traffic congestion, delays among others
Online Gaming is Likely to Fuel the ‘Content Delivery Network’ Market in Coming Years
Content delivery network provides high performance and enhanced security to meet user experience and boost the revenue of the site
Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Analytics are Gaining the Momentum in the Automotive Analytics Space
Vehicle development has become a largely virtual process with the use of design models and simulation analysis solutions
Increasing Emergence of Wearable, IoT & Smart Devices are Projected to Boost the Opportunities for the ET Chips over the Next Decade
The Envelope Tracking features embedded in the low power integrated circuits result in reduced costs, improved efficiency and increased amounts of front-end integration and consolidation
Farms of the Future - Vertical Farming
Global population is estimated to reach 11 billion by 2050 and is thus set to challenge the agriculture system to meet the growing food requirements and control the total global Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
Fermentation: The Next Big Thing in Stevia Production
Reb A has been the dominant active ingredient of all steviol glycosides, due to its balanced sweetening profile, less after-taste bitterness and its abundance in the stevia leaf
Electric Vehicles: A Future Trend in Transportation Industry
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has identified 20 significant technologies to lower CO2 emissions towards 2050 out of which EVs and PHEVs are relevant part of it
Stringent Regulations for the Adoption of BIM in Construction Sector
Implementation of stringent regulations by state and central governments of various economies along with the regulatory bodies has been playing a pivotal role in the BIM adoption
The Increasing use of Waterborne Coatings have Boosted the Market for UV Stabilizer.
Solvent borne coatings have been used in the world over a long span of time but these coatings leave an environmental footprint while it cures
Special Cements are the new Trend for Sustainable Construction
On the global level, the cement industry produces approximately 1.4 billion tons of CO2/ year, which is nearly 6% of the total CO2 production and 4% of the global warning
Internet of Things in Retail: Enhancing Shopping Experience
The retailers can develop an improved ecosystem using IoT that is connected in both physical and digital worlds allowing real-time communication with customers both inside and outside the store
Digital Twin, Fueled by the Growth of IoT, is Regarded as a Tool to Gain Competitive Advantage
With the data collected and digital modeling such as computer-aided design (CAD), a digital twin can be created for billions of the connected devices
Increasing need for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Transaction Platform Stimulated the Deployment of Blockchain Technology across Various Industry Verticals
Most of the industries require third party intermediary for most of the services, but this technology has potential to change the scenario of transaction model by eliminating the third party intermediary
As per IndustryARC Estimates, APAC will be the Fastest Growing Region for Cloud Billing Market during 2016-2022
As per the IndustryARC estimates, the Asia-Pacific region accounted a market share of 23% in the year 2015 and this region is estimated to grow significantly over the forecast period
Increased Consumption of Plastisizers in Europe will Drive the Market for Epoxidised Soybean Oil Market
Phthalates accounted for 70% of the world consumption of plasticizers in 2014, down from approximately 88% in 2005 and are forecast to account for 65% of world consumption in 2020
With a Looming Trend of 3D Printing Taking over the Manufacturing Sector, Demand for ABS Plastic Resins is set to see an Upsurge
Architects across the world have come up with this new channel which is impeccably being looked at for devising various useful materials for day to day life
UV Curable Water-Based Coatings: A Future Trend in Coatings Industry
Water-based coatings are one class of coatings that ordinarily have VOC levels below any regulatory limits and can be utilized to decrease emissions contrasted with solvent-based coatings
Future Trend in Cooling Tower Market
Cooling towers are engaged in a wide range of different industrial activities, from energy production to chemical processing and everything in between
Conductive Polymer: A Smart Biomaterial for Tissue Engineering
The conductive nature of the generated cells or tissues can be stimulated which are further influenced after post synthesis and drugs bound in them are released
Escalating Demand for Cast Polymers in Construction Industry in the Residential and Commercial Sectors
Cast polymer contains polymers in their chemical structure that aids in improving the physical strength of the material
Engineered Sugarcane to Produce Biodiesel
Biodiesels are majorly consumed in developed economies in focus of decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and thereby protecting environment. Biodiesel is non-toxic and biodegradable
Time of Flight Technology is Projected to Witness Brisk Growth Rate in 3D Cameras Market
In pulsed modulation, the distance of the object is usually measured by the absolute time of light pulse needs to travel from a source to the 3D object and return after reflection
IoT Drives E-Commerce, Organised Retail Market with Connected Devices
North America is expected to lead the IoT in the retail industry driven by the high market stake of e-commerce and organised retail, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific as second and third largest market respectively, according to IndustryARC findings
Next-generation firewall: The Cyber Arm Needed to Prevent Ransomware
According to IndustryARC findings, North America dominated Network Security Appliances market propelled by the increasing demand of security appliances due to higher cyber-attacks
Augmented Reality: A Game Changer Creating Immersive Experiences
According to IndustryARC findings, North America dominated the overall Mobile Augmented Reality market in 2016, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific as second and third largest markets respectively
5G to Alter Usage of Smartphones; Replace Desktop PCs and Laptops
The proposed next telecom standards beyond current 4G technology is fifth generation wireless system, or 5G, to better implement the Internet of Things (IoT)
Escalating Automobile as well as Electronics Industry is all set to Boost the Demand for PIM in the Near Future
Powder injection molding (PIM) components find their applications various industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace & defense, and many more
Lithium-Ion Chemistries Coupled with new Mild Hybrid Vehicles: A Road to New Future
The Asia-Pacific region is continuing to corner this market, especially in China. In July 2016, the market share for electric vehicles (EV) in China broke through the 1% barrier, up to 1.1% of all new car sales
Biodegradable Products Particularly Soy-Based are Presently a Lucrative Route in Oilfield Surfactants Market
Currently, bio based surfactants/oleochemicals are a prominent choice of oil and gas industry due to growing stringent environment concerns of regulatory bodies
Industrial Lubricant Sector is Anticipated to Witness Positive Growth Rate in India Due to Rise in Investments
Due to increasing factory automation across various industry verticals, especially in APAC, the industrial gear oils market is anticipated to reach $6.14 billion by 2021
Food Grade Industrial Applications: A Burgeoning Trend in the Industrial Gas Market
Following the rapid economic growth in Asia during the last decade, demand for Industrial Gases has risen sharply and the market is anticipated to reach $106.36 billion by 2021
New Tissue Sealants and Hemostats Propels the Market Growth
Increasing number of heart diseases and related surgeries to drive the market globally; estimated to reach $8,347.9m by 2022
Increasing Number of Cancer & Neurological Disorders have been Stimulating Enteral Feeding Formulas Market Growth
Malnutrition has become a common problem affecting upto 40% of the hospitalized patients and has been affecting the people recovery after surgery or illness and also increasing the incidence of severity of infection
Steep Rise in the Number of Cervical Cancers to Propel the Gynecological Devices Market Growth
Burgeoning instances of gynecological diseases such as cervical cancers, uterine fibroids, menorrhagia and rising gynecological conditions along with the growth in specialized gynecological procedures are driving the gynecological devices market
Growth of Urban Population Coupled with Changing Dietary Habits to Propel the Bakery Market Growth in Europe
The consumption of baked goods is increasing in most of the European countries due to concerns related to unhealthy, GMO and sugared food products
Growing Opportunities in the Composite Materials Market to Bolster Advancements for further Research and Development in this Sector
Rising concern on hazardous materials and increasing adoption green building concepts provides opportunities for bio-based composites especially in developed nations
Recent Changes in Fire Safety Standards for Buildings, Automotive and Electronic Sector Demand Innovative and Customized Flame Retardants
The demand for halogen-free flame retardants is driven in particular by fire safety standards for buildings and the automotive and electronic sector.
ABS + 3D Printing: A Road to New Future
ABS is an oil-based plastic which is a tough material and it can be used to create robust plastic objects for everyday use, for instance in cars, electrical equipment or even in the popular Lego bricks
Booming International Electronics Market Offers Huge Potential for Powder Injection Molding Market
The target applications for the new feedstock system include connectors for consumer electronics, smartphone frames and bodies and SIM card trays.
Emerging Trend Towards Veganism is all Set to Drive Calcium Supplements Market
Tricalcium citrate and calcium carbonate are two generally used salts of calcium used in food fortification and supplements.
Welding of Silver Nanowire Networks Via Flash White Light and UV-C Irradiation for Highly Conductive and Reliable Transparent Electrodes
Different materials have been utilized to make TCEs, including indium tin oxide (ITO), fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO), graphene, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and metal nanowires (e.g. silver and copper).
Emerging Trend Towards Energy Efficient and Green Tires Drives the Demand for Precipitated Silica Globally
The primary elastomer reinforcing filler are carbon blacks and precipitated amorphous silica.
Future Trend in Cooling Towers Market
Cooling towers are engaged in a wide range of different industrial activities, from energy production to chemical processing and everything in between.
Innovation in Aerosol Valve Technology to Improve Dispensing Properties of Aerosol Cans
The bubbly flow conditions at the dispenser of the can are non-ideal which account for lost pressure in the can.
Plunge in Demand of Shale Gas in U.S. will Adversely Influence Adsorbents Market
This adsorption process includes mixed and single bed designs of activated alumina, silica gel and molecular sieves for both gaseous and liquid states.
IndustryARC Goes To CeBIT, Germany!
Revolutionizing the way people interact with devices and machines, CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, is the platform for technology companies to showcase their expertise to the World.
Advances in Aerospace Sciences (Shape Memory Polymers)
The SMPs have a place with another class of smart polymers which can have interesting applications in micro-electro-mechanical systems, actuators and biomedical gadgets.
Top 5 Food and Beverage Trends To Watch out for in 2017
The changing demographics, taste and purchasing behavior of consumers offer an array of opportunities to manufacturers alike
Empowering Retail SMEs and Offline Stores Through Location Intelligence in Emerging Countries
Empowering retail SMEs and offline stores through location intelligence in emerging countries
How to Ensure your Parents' Safety?
Medical alert systems are simple, easily accessible devices that have significant role in medical emergency
Industries Boosting its Productivity on a back of Automation
The evolutions of collaborative robots, also known as coBots, function collaboratively with humans to guide human being to assist in a specific task that requires special guidance.
Escalating Demand for Cast Polymers in Construction Industry in the Residential and Commercial Sectors
Cast polymer contains polymers in their chemical structure that aids in improving the physical strength of the material.
Laser Systems to Aid Wire and Cable Industry Growth in Medical Sector
Diode lasers find their service in many medical divisions such as dermatology, urology, gynecology, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatology, traumatology, gastroenterology and many others.
Increasing Utilization of Polyamide-Imide Resins in the End User Industry is foreseen as a Major Contributing Factor for the Growth in Near Future
Polyamide-imide are advanced materials used in various end-user industries such as wire enamels, automotive, pulp and paper, wood applications and marine sectors.
Rise in Food-Borne Illness Propels the Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market
RFID is the most widely accepted technology in the packaging industry and accounts for almost 75% in the packaging market due to its ease of usage and low cost.
Incremental Growth in the Spinal Surgical Robots to Transform the Way Surgeries Took Place
Spinal surgical robots escalate accuracy in spinal surgeries and also offer significant cost savings in terms of pre- and post-operation care costs involved during the stay at hospitals.
Nanotechnology Bags its First Nobel Prize: Poised to be a Lucrative Market in the Coming Years and get the Attention of Investors
Nanotechnology has been undergoing unprecedented growth for a while now owing to the rising investment both by governments and other entities.
Increasing Organic Horticulture Driving the Sales of F&V Seeds
Fruits & vegetables are also produced through organic horticulture and processing in which synthesized fertilizers and ingredients are restricted from usage.
Underbalanced Drilling Gains Popularity due to Coiled Tubing
Coiled tubes use an internal wire line and capillaries for survey and geo steering utility, and much higher operating surface pressure restrictions than the usually used jointed pipe.
Semiconductor Industry to Propel Demand for Thermoplastic Fluoroelastomers
North America is the largest market for solar cells primarily due to the increasing number of Photo Voltaic (PV) installations on account of rising consumer awareness on regard of cost benefits by using these energy systems is driving the market in this region.
Emerging Organic Agriculture Market Induces the Demand for Organic Fertilizers Market
Natural gas supply costs affects the inorganic fertilizer market especially nitrogen fertilizers, as it is the raw material for the production of nitrogen fertilizers.
Increased Spending in Oil & Gas Projects and Redevelopment of Mature Fields are all Set to Drive the Coiled Tubing Market
Coiled tubing is majorly employed in oilfield applications owing to its properties such as time and cost effective especially for the drilling and intervention operations.
Green Coating Resins are all Set to Shape the Coating Industry in the Near Future
Consequently, businesses are reacting to government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and consumer demands for more eco-friendly products instigating the use of green resins instead of conventional coating materials.
Strong Drivers Pave a Smooth Future for CFRPs
The use of CFRP is not just confined to aerospace but to other industries that need extra consolidation for their end products.
Post COP21 Commitment, CCS Market Set to Grow by Leaps and Bounds
In December 2015, the 21st annual Conference of Parties, dubbed as COP21, committed to bring the greenhouse emissions down in order to cap the global temperature increase to less than 20C over the pre-industrial levels.
Rising Demand for Greater Quality & Technically-Advanced Home Decor Products to Drive the Growth of Cast Polymer Market
Cast polymer is easily maintainable and break resistant owing to their one-piece, seamless construction and also they are superior due their extraordinary mechanical properties.
Explosion-Proof Cable Glands as a Global Connection Solution in Hazardous Locations
The major applications of these glands includes in hazardous, industrial and commercial sector. cable glands are massively implemented in the hazardous areas for environmental protection against combustible dust and vapors, flammable gases and other explosive chemicals.
Cab Rides Companies Collaborate With Medical Service Provider to Improve Non-Emergency Transportation Services
The car rental and cab service providers have identified this gap and are engaged in collaborating with medical service providers to provide medical transportation.
Usage of Inner Air Tight Tubes in Automobiles Drives the Butyl Rubber Market
Butyl rubber is generally difficult to handle during manufacturing because of its tendency to trap air, blister, and creep. Use of these rubbers in the innerliner tires enhances air retention performance, adhesiveness of tire and tire durability.
Expiry of Patents in the Biosimilars Market to Decrease Product Costs and Increase Consumer Orientation
Most of the companies in the race for manufacturing biosimilars today are not willing to spend resources on required innovation due to apprehension of getting sued by patent holders leading to market dominance of the patent holding firms.
U.S Government Awards Contracts to Kratos & Boeing for Deployment of Aerial Targets
The United States Air Force has recently awarded $18.7 million contract to Kratos Defence & Security Solutions Inc. for providing 21 AFSAT target drones.
Cruise Industry Driving the Market for Maritime Antennas
In 2015, it is estimated that around 23.2 million passengers travelled \\r\\nthrough cruises globally which was increase of around 5% over the \\r\\nprevious year’s record of 22.1 million passengers.
Flourishing Nutrition Industry Fuels the Market for Whey Protein Ingredients
Nutrition industry includes sports nutrition, clinical nutrition and infant nutrition among which sports nutrition is the largest segment owing to increasing number of fitness conscious population and advanced sports infrastructures.
Emphasis to Reduce Losses Caused Due to Corrosion is All Set to Stimulate the Utilization of Anti-Corrosion Coatings in Various Industry Verticals
The corrosion is most commonly seen in iron and steel alloys along with\\\\r\\\\n products such as pipes, metal plates, coils and metal bars.
Increasing Aircraft Orders in APAC Propelling Use of Aircraft Seat Material
According to industry statistics, the U.S. is currently having 640 million air passengers, though China is expected to surpass the U.S. from its current count of 450 million passengers in coming years.
IIoT- The Rise of Connected Devices in Industry
The growing adoption rate of IIoT in manufacturing oriented industries to drive the market to $123.89 billion in 2021
Color Detection Sensors Market- Highly Applicable in Industry Automation.
The growing rate of Factory automation and the demand for smart consumer electronics to drive the color detection sensors market to $3.01 billion in 2021.
Vein Illumination Devices to Aid in Treatment of Varicose Veins.
Phlebectomy is surgical removal of varicose veins through small skin incisions.
Advancement in Airports Escalating the Storefront Glass Market.
Storefront glass is playing an integral role in airport construction industry due to its uniqueness and several other benefits.
Going Natural the Polymer Way: Upcoming Trends.
Cellulose ethers which accounted for more than 30% of the natural polymer market, is projected to increase 4.2% annually due to widespread food, construction and oilfield applications.
Increasing Incidents of Food Recall to Boost Traceabilty Market.
Food traceability has emerged as one of the strategic and system wide approach to address operational and safety issues thereby minimizing the risk of food contamination.
Failure Analysis of Semiconductors Helping to Develop Reliable Semiconductor Devices.
Failure analysis helps to modify the design of the component and make it more reliable.
Environmental Friendly Color Masterbatches for Sustainable Coloring of Bio-Degradable Plastic.
When the traditional, non-petroleum-based, biodegradable carriers are used, micro particles are released into the environment after complete degradation of the colored biopolymer.
Bio-Plastics: A Burgeoning Alternative for Cleaner and Greener Future of Conventional Plastics.
Conventional plastics are produced using petroleum, coal or gas that are all non-renewal resources and is vulnerable to an unstable market of increasing price and demand, attached with deteriorating reserves.
Formulation of New Policies will Likely to Surge Demand for Energy Efficient Motors.
The implementation of IE3 in USA, Canada and Mexico and the announcement of IE3 implementation in Europe from 2017 has led to growth in sales of energy efficient motors further.
Bio-Based Coating Additives: A Sustainable Approach to Modern Coating Technology.
The demand for wood coating is extensively increasing owing to the Favourable housing market fueled by low interest rates as well the trend towards larger, more expensive homes, and an advancement in landowners for enhancing and redecorating their dwellings, inside and out.
Oleochemicals is Trending to Gain Eminence in the Specialty Chemicals Market.
Large captive consumption and availability of key raw materials such as palm oil and palm kernel oil has been a key reason behind the industry’s shift to Asia.
Green Chemistry: The Replacement and Alternative Technique for Hazardous Organic Solvents.
Hazardous and toxic solvents used in chemical laboratories and the chemical industries are considered as vital issue for health and environmental pollution.
Spinel Ferrite Composites to be the Next Step in Adsorbent Technology for Water Purification.
As an important member of the ferrite family, MnFe2O4 (MFO) has attracted noteworthy industry interest due to its strong magnetic and electromagnetic properties.
Nanotechnology in Coil Coating Pretreatment to Change the Phase of Coating Industry.
Nanotechnology enhances the technological changes which are directly related to improvement of nano-polymer composites.
Bio Fertilizers along with Bio Pesticides Emerge as an Ecofriendly Source for Sustainable Agriculture in the Coming Future.
The production of bio fertilizers is always demand driven and hence creating proper awareness and demand among farmers is one of the most important steps which need to be followed towards the promotion of the former.
Role of Fleet Vehicles Industry in the Used and Refurbished Cars Market.
The consumer’s inability to buy new cars due economic crisis, has led to a significant growth in the used car market.
Contribution of Fracking Industry in the Artificial Lift Systems Market Growth.
Beam Pumping method is followed by Gas Lift method as this method can handle rates from 10 bpd to 80,000 bpd.
Snapshot of the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Overview and Developments.
Lighting technology also improved from simple switches to intelligent lighting controllers.
Growing Fleet Management Market set to Propel the Utilization of Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.
Remote diagnostics have been utilized for a number of applications and these applications are rising as the customer demand rises and new capabilities are introduced.
Gesture Recognition intersects Mixed Reality- Opens doors to Advanced Systems.
Gesture recognition technology has captured a big market from 2013 as this technology is being introduced into consumer electronics that include gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, Smart televisions and in wearable electronic devices.
Utilization of Head Mounted Devices in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Set to Significantly Drive Growth of these Devices.
A number of leading consumer electronics companies such as Samsung and HTC have launched their VR head mounted display devices.
Polycarbonate Resins: The BPA-Free Alternatives Feasibility, a Distant Reality.
Replacement of BPA can only be defended for alternatives that, in fact, deliver better performance or are safer than BPA.
Advanced 3rd Generation Technology Launched for Developing Biofuels.
As per the recent trends, advanced 3rd generation biofuels can reduce 120% efficiently the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as compared to diesel extracted from soy oil and other natural sources.
Aircraft Health Monitoring Market Growing as Safety Concerns Spur their Adoption.
The growing traffic has resulted in a growing number of collisions between multiple aircraft, for instance Ceiba Intercontinental Airlines Flight 71 collided with a BAE125 causing significant damage to structure of both aircraft in 2015.
Low Charge Ammonia to Change the Face of Refrigeration Industry.
While the EU F-Gas Regulation is phasing out common HFC refrigerants such as R404A or R507 and imposing a lot more reporting and compliance requirements on HFC-based systems, ammonia, being a natural refrigerant, has got no limits to its future.
Impact of Anticoagulant Rodenticides on Non-Target Animals and Birds.
The growing demand for pest control services to drive the rodenticides market to $1.05 billion by 2021.
Hybrid Cloud Storage to Dominate the Next Generation Data Storage Market by 2025.
Next Generation Data Storage Technologies Market Led by the Increasing demand for data storage to reach $23.1 Billion By 2025.
Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation: The Criticism.
The American Association of Orthopedics has been the strongest critic over the years. The important thing here is to understand the reason for such criticism.
The Mushrooming Elder Care Market Set to Play a Significant Role in the Growth of Real Time Location Systems in Healthcare.
RTLS in Healthcare Market Led By Growing demand for elder care and patient tracking set to Reach the $2 Billion Mark By 2021.
Ageing Population and its Impact on Mobility Aids and Transportation Equipment Market.
Increasing ageing population and advancements in healthcare sector to drive the mobility aids and transportation market to $7.8 billion by 2021.
Rising Global Food Trade Drives the Demand for Food Safety Testing Equipment.
Rising issues of food mislabelling to mandate effective food testing which is fuelling food safety testing equipment and consumables market growth.
Increase in Incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (Hais) to Drive the Market.
According to a recent report by IndustryARC, the Global Liquid Handling Systems Market is estimated to grow at CAGR of 2.4% and reach $3.13 billion by 2020.
Plunge in Demand of Shale Gas in U.S. will Adversely Influence Adsorbents Market.
According to the data from the recent past, fracking oil is all set to hit a supply over the demand ratio, and hence some rigs are temporarily shut down in the U.S. currently.
3-D Bioprinter Technology: The Novel Method which is Going to be a Revolution in Human Body Part Transplants.
The 3DP materials in healthcare market in 2015 was $308 million according to research conducted by IndustryARC, and is dominated by Americas with more than 60% market revenue share.
Hemodynamic Monitoring: Going Wireless.
According to recent report by IndustryARC, the Global Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems Market will grow at CAGR of 7.5% and reach $2.27 billion by 2020.
Genomics: Bringing Big Data into the Picture
The rate at which Genomics has grown during the last decade is nothing short of astonishing. By 2025, researchers and scientists would be able to crack 2 billion genomic sequences representing a five-fold growth.
Computational Medicine: Is it the Best Bet for Drug Discovery?
According to recent report by IndustryARC, the computational medicine and drug discovery market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% to reach $6.78 billion by 2020.
The Future Prospects of Li-Fi Network.
Li-Fi technology uses visible light spectrum and can thus communicate data and unravel capacity which is 10,000 times greater than that accessible within the radio spectrum.
Optoelectronics and its Scope in Healthcare.
Optoelectronics in medical devices are used source, detect and control light; they are used in all applications where there is a need of illumination.
Machine Vision Systems as Turnkey Solution for Efficient Manufacturing.
Machine Vision Systems are much reliable than human interventions due to their speed of inspection and accuracy.
Virtual Retinal Display: New Era of Experiencing Virtuality.
For instance, Avegant Technologies; has received nearly $24 million investment to develop next-generation wearable displays.
Digital Signage: A next-generation Marketing Strategy.
Digital Signage refers to a specialized type of marketing technique in which multimedia/ video is displayed on the display screens for advertising purpose.
Cable Glands: An Insight to Prevailing Competition in the Industry.
The Cable Glands Market is matured, thereby, resulting in the large scale fragmentation of the market due to presence of several small scale local manufacturers.
Automated Test Equipment Industry Growth Avenues amidst Restrained Semiconductor Market.
China, backed by robust government policies under ‘Made in China 2025 Policy’ is planning to invest $160 billion in its Semiconductor Industry scattered over the course of few years.
Mergers and Acquisitions are an Imminent Trend in Turbine Oil and Turbine Industries.
Eastman Chemical Company acquired BP’s global aviation turbine oil business and renamed all the turbo oil products under the Eastman Turbo oil brand name.
Driver Comfort is the Growing Driver in the Steering Column Market as Adjustable Steering Column Systems Rise.
The steering column consists of a collapsible housing containing a collapsible rotating shaft.
Emerging Economies Offer Huge Opportunities for Starch Derivatives Market.
Booming packaged food sector in emerging nations is driving starch derivatives market growth; estimated to reach $68,667.4 million by 2021.
Advanced Nanotechnology will be Intimidation to the RO & UF Membrane Market in Coming Future.
As per International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the world’s desalination plants consume almost 360 million kilowatt-hours each day.
Long Term Evolution- RF Planning and RF Testing.
It is estimated that the LTE network will grow faster than 3G and the number of LTE subscribers will reach 400 million by 2016.
ISFET pH Measurement Technique to Drive pH Sensors Market by 2020.
Disruptive innovations in sensing techniques have developed the pH sensors which are most reliable inventions to measure the acidity or alkalinity of any solution.
Automated Non-Destructive Testing Equipment a Boon for Process Industries.
A most recent approach is the real-time model based quality control through process measurable such as force, pressure and temperature among others.
Growing Focus On Automation Set to Spur the Market for Industrial Wireless Transmitters.
Industrial Wireless Transmitters Market Led by Growing demand for flow transmitters set to Reach $3 Billion Mark By 2021.
The Next Generation Heat Transfer Fluids are all Set to Serve the Future High Demand Applications.
Heat transfer fluids serve an extensive range of industrial requirements which comprise of simple, fixed designs along with convoluted multi-loop systems which execute numerous functions in a manufacturing process.
Introduction of Natural Refrigerants in Industrial Applications Will Drive the Refrigerant Oil Growth.
Refrigerant Oil Market Led By Strong Demand For Consumer Durables And Automotive Industry To Reach $10 Billion By 2020.
Mounting Demand for Nutritious Products to Fuel the Dairy Alternative (Beverage) Market.
Driven by the rising preference for lactose-free products; the market is estimated to reach $14,509m by 2021.
Fleet Management Services Propelling the Commercial Telematics Market
High demand for Operational Efficiencies Improvement from by Fleet Service Providers to Drive the Commercial Telematics Market to reach $24.7 Billion By 2020.
Color Sensors Enhancing Human Senses in Robots.
The incorporation of robots in household actions initiates the demand for an enriched sense of touch in robots.
Growing Traction for Nutritious Food Products Fuels the Market for Casein and Caseinates.
Caseins have an essential amino acid composition; found in milk which is required for the development and growth of humans.
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): Key to Effective Warehouse Management.
The average growth rate for the mentioned years was 5.6%, thus resulting\\r\\n rise in the hourly wages from $17.42 in 2010 to $18.41 in 2014.
South African High Purity (HP) O2 Technology Of Air Products Drives The Existing Water Treatment Plant Capacity
With increasing water scarcity and government regulations upon safe water usage, the requirement of water treatment additives has been increasing.
Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): A Step towards Innovation & Safety
According to a recent report published by Industry ARC, Advanced Driver Assistance System market generated revenue of about $27.26 billion in 2014 and forecast to grow with CAGR of 14.9% from 2015 to 2020.
Mounting Demand for Nutritious Products to Fuel the Dairy Alternative (Beverage) Market
According to the industry estimates, the global nutrition market was valued at around $400 billion in 2014 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6% during 2015-2020.
Emergence of Regulations Concerned with Printed Electronics Products & Services to Steer its Market Across the Value Chain.
Functional printing has the potential to replace many electronic components and became the next best alternative to manufacturing the electronic components.
Penicillin and Streptomycin: A Heritage to be Preserved
Centre for disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year 23,000 deaths and 2 million illnesses are caused due to antibiotic resistance.
“Decay of Strontium-90” A New Method to Find the Age of Drinking Water
Water Testing and Analysis Market headed mainly by Desalination application to reach by $4.87 Billion market by 2020.
Vibration Sensors Deployment Acknowledged as one of the Emerging Measures to Ensure Equipment Performance and Reliability.
Vibration Sensor Market Led by the Demand from Automotive and Aviation industries to Reach the $3.318 Billion Mark By 2020.
Investments and Innovations Set to Drive the UAS (Drone) Market
Cost effectiveness operation of UAS is the major factor driving the growth of UAS
Ethane: An Essential Feedstock for Ethylene Production in the U.S.
Increasing demand for propylene derivatives in APAC and European market is driving the U.S. Propylene market.
Technological Shift from Conventional Paper Printing to Digital Media Will Hamper the Rheology Modifiers Market Growth
Burgeoning demand in Construction as well as other end use segments such as automotive and food packaging industry along with favorable Government initiatives to drive the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Rheology Modifiers Market to $621.4m & Global Market to $2.3 Billion by 2020
New Capacity Addition will Transform Southeast Asia into a Self-Sufficiency Region for Propylene
As per the expansion planned till date, alternate sources of propylene will add over 1,092 kilo tons of propylene capacity in Southeast Asia. 
Booming Digestive Health Market to Propel the Usage of Prebiotic Ingredients
Increasing awareness on the health benefits of prebiotics to drive the prebiotic ingredients market; the market is estimated to reach $5,673.8 Million by 2020
Europe’s Import Dependence of Propylene and Its Oversupply in North America and China Will Bridge the Gap in Polypropylene Production.
Burgeoning demand in packaging and favorable government initiatives to drive the European Polypropylene Market to $20.6 Billion by 2020.
Latent Demand for Consumer Durables as Well as Packaged Products in Rural Markets to Boost the Polymers Market in India
Burgeoning demand in packaging and favorable government initiatives to drive the Indian polymers Market to $28 Billion by 2020
Popularity of Formula Racing Format is Driving the Motor Sports Market
U.K., U.S., France and China are the dominant regions which held 35% share of global motor sports market in 2014.
Rising Pressure to Improve the Yield is Driving PGR market.
Growing awareness among the farmers to boost plant growth regulators market growth globally; estimated to reach $1.8 Billion by 2020.
Petcoke Market Could Witness Positive Growth Rate in India Due To Rise in Investments.
Increasing Demand from China industrial sector to drive the Chinese Petcoke Market to reach $2.8 Billion and Asia Market to reach $3.8 Billion By 2020.
Rapidly Ageing Population to Drive the Growth of Omega-3 PUFA Market
Increasing discoveries of varied applications of Omega-3 ingredients in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products to drive the market; Omega-3 ingredients market is estimated to reach $2,659 Million by 2020 
Booming Crude Oil Production is Set to Drive Global Demand for Oilfield Drilling Fluids
Increasing demand in crude oil, albeit the crash in price, is set to drive the North American Oilfield drilling fluid Additives Market to $1,161m & Global Market to $2,323m by 2020.
Increasing Demand for Products with Specific Health Benefits Fuels the Adoption of Nutritional Premixes
Rising need for cost-effective manufacturing of nutritional food products to spur the demand for nutritional premixes; the Market is estimated to reach 1,647.5 Million By 2020 
Clean Label Usage by Food Marketers: A Boon to Natural Flavors Market
Increasing demand for natural and organic products drive the natural flavors market; estimated to reach $6,295.3 Million by 2020 
Automotive Market to Dominate China`s Robotics Market in Near Future
Industrial automation to drive the Industrial Robotics Market to $12.74 billion in revenue by 2021
Product Innovation Coupled With Increasing Consumer Demand for Specialty Foods to Drive the Food Inclusions Market
Increasing importance of visual appeal and texture of the food products propels food inclusions market; the Market Is estimated to reach $ 12,687 Million By 2020.
Food Enzymes and its Multi-Parametric Functions in Food Industry
Increasing demand of processed food fuels demand for food enzymes; the market is estimated to reach $1,798.9 Million by 2020. 
Rising Demand for Natural Cosmetics in Apac to Drive the Growth of Bees Wax
Growing honey market in East European region offers new opportunity for honey exporters in developing countries; estimated to reach $9,525.6m by 2020.
Increasing Stringent Governmental Regulations to Propel the Industrial Wireless Transmitter Market
Industrial Wireless Transmitters Market Led by Growing demand for flow transmitters set to Reach $3 Billion Mark By 2021
Sustainable Green Technology is Forthcoming Trend in Ethylene Glycol Market
Asia Ethylene Glycol Market upsurges mainly by Polyester fibres end-user application to reach by $10.06 Billion market by 2020.
CBRNE Protection and Detection Equipment Contracts to Aid Private and Government Organizations
Increasing Need for New Products for Early Monitoring Of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials to Drive The Americas CBRNE Detection Equipment Market $4.1 Billion & Global Market to $ 11.2 Billion By 2020
Manufacturing Industry Attributing to the Growth in Electric Motor Demand Will Drive the Revenues for Dynamometer Market
Growth of automotive industry especially electric vehicles, process automation developments and increased testing and simulation activities set to drive the dynamometer market to 1.2 billion industry by 2020.
Crystal Oscillator Technology Market Witnessing New Series of Market Developments Despite Being Challenged by the MEMS Oscillator Technology
Growing consumer electronics related to smartphones and shift from 3G to 4G technologies is poised to drive the market for Crystal Oscillators globally.
ECCA Premium: A Scheme to Ensure Quality and Sustainability of Today’s Prepainted Metals Which Offer More Cost-Savings, Durability and Specialized Coatings Than Ever
Burgeoning demand in automotive and Construction along with favorable Government initiatives to drive the Asia-Pacific (APAC) coil coating Market to $2.8 Billion & Global Market to $5.5 Billion by 2020
Rising Demand for Organic and Chemical-Free Crop Produce to Drive Usage of Biocontrol Agents
Rapidly spreading adoption of Integrated Pest Management practices set to Fuel the BioControl Agents Market; the Market is estimated to reach $2,871.6 Million By 2020
Automotive Sensors – Advancing Telematics in Safety and Controls
Increasing demand for safety and control features in the automotive and stricter emission norms to drive the automotive sensors market to $17.08 billion by 2020.
Applications of AS/RS Systems in Automotive Industry
Rising Labor Costs and Aging workforce to drive the Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems market to $8.44 billion by 2021.
Indian Domestic Paper Producers Are Impacted Due To High Imports of Low Cost Paper from China
Increasing Demand for Packaging Paper Coating Additives in Emerging Markets to Drive the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Paper Coating Additives Market to $1,201.0 Million& Global Market to $ 2,569.1 Million By 2020
3D Printing Technology Reduces the Cost of Aircraft Interiors Through Manufacturing of Economy Class Seats
Increase in the new aircraft deliveries coupled with the interior retro-fit programs in Europe and Americas to boost commercial aircraft interiors market.
Asia Investing Aggressively in Production Expansion of Methanol to Meet the Growing Domestic Demand
Increasing Demand from Gasoline Blending & Combustion Application to Drive the Chinese Methanol Market to Reach $6.6 Billion and Asia Market to Reach $31.6 Billion By 2020
Introduction of Mutual Recognition Agreement Under BPT (Biocidal Product Regulation) by European Commission and Swiss Confederation: to have a Positive Effect on Biocides Trading Market
Oilfield Biocides and Bio Solvents Market upsurges mainly by Hydraulic Fracturing application, which is estimated to reach $115.2 million market by 2020.
Industrialization of Meat Production to Enhance the Growth of Animal Nutrition Market
Growing awareness among the producers makes animal nutrition market to grow globally; estimated to reach $ 18,883.3 Million by 2020
Growing Usage of 3D Scanning in the Consumer Products Market as Growing Demand Drives the Market
3D Scanning Market Led by growing demand for rapid prototyping devices set to reach the $11 Billion Mark By 2020. 
Increasing Cases of Food Borne Diseases Drives the Feed Prebiotics and Probiotics Market Segment.
With constant pressure from health institutes, food restaurant chains and consumer groups; livestock industry has increasingly preferred the use of prebiotics and probiotics as a feed additive which drives its global market to reach $394.4m by 2020 at a CAGR of 10.6%.
Natural Fiber Cement Composites, Also Called As Bio Composites, Are The New Trend For Sustainable Construction
Natural fibers are emerging as the replacement to synthetic fiber reinforced composites because they are environmentally friendly and help to eliminate the increasing cost of using synthetic fiber based cement materials.
The Development Of Commercially Viable Nanotechnology Based Fuel Additives Is In A Glaring Demand
While there are risks in every new technology that comes up, the world now is better equipped to face all the risks and act accordingly, that it seems possible to advance nanotech fuel additives, without affecting the environment.
Biosensors: Future Trends That Will Have A Major Impact
Biosensor is a device that consists of physiochemical detector coupled with biological components such as tissues, enzymes, nucleic acids and antibodies.
New Application Areas in Healthcare to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry beyond the Limits of Human Ability
As the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases, including various types of cancers and many endemics relies on optical techniques, numerous compact and cost-effective optical imaging platforms have been developed in recent years for use at the point of care.
Silver Dressing: Proving the Efficacy Through Clinical Trials
According to statistics, 25% the diabetic population is prone to developing diabetic foot ulcers in their lifetime, giving rise to the introduction of bioactive wound dressings in the late 1980’s which are continuing to serve patients worldwide.
Force Sensors in Medical Applications to Ameliorate the Value Based Care Concept
Force Sensors are acknowledged by the researchers and medical equipment designers as the electronic component with high precision that fits the needs of both the doctors and patients.
Virtual Reality – The Next Game Changer In Healthcare
The use of virtual reality is going to increase dramatically because of the affordability factor.Oculus Rift is expected to be launched for consumers in 2016 with a price tag of $350-$400.
Portable Ultrasound Devices: Paving The Way for Effective Medical Diagnosis
The portable ultrasound devices are able to provide high resolution images at a faster rate while being affordable.
The global demand for fiber cement products is anticipated to reach 34 million metric tons by 2020

Global mining chemicals market is estimated to exceed $30 billion by 2020 with major demand from explosives and drilling

Graphene based Infra-red sensors for Night vision contact lens

Cardiac Implants Devices as a Way to Help in Repair of Dysfunctional Heart Conditions
The first implantable cardiac pacemaker was done in around 1958 after which several other technologies has been developed and launched in the market which the boosted the market impressively.
Health monitoring and fitness offering huge market potential for Wearable Optical Sensors

Green Construction aims at shaping the future of construction.

Need for Intelligent Non-Dispersive Multigas Detection Infrared Sensors for Explosive Environment Operations

Project Soli from Google brings RADAR technology for gesture recognition in wearable devices

Organic Ingredients Potential Enough To Replace Traditional Synthetic Silicon Defoamers in the Food and Beverage Industry

Tissue Banking will be saving and improving lives in the years to come significantly
Tissue banking has given a promising hope for treating various debilitating conditions such as neurological diseases, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes mellitus and other autoimmune diseases.
3D Sensors Market Estimated to see Substantial Growth of 25% by 2020 on Demand for Wearable Electronics and Mobile Devices.
A recent report from IndustryARC on 3D Sensors estimates that the market generated revenue of $2.5 billion in 2014 and is estimated to grow to $9.5 billion by 2020.
Wireless Charging Technology is in a Mess, But Who is the One to be blamed?

Food agency approvals: The key driver of Global Stevia market

Demand for Renewable Energy to Steer Slewing Bearings Market Growth
Egypt aims to generate 4,300 MW of energy by installing solar and wind energy plants in the next three years and increase renewable energy share in the overall energy consumption to around 20% by 2020.
Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) - Makes elderly people stay more secure and independent with peace of mind

Foot Orthotic Insoles – Miles to Walk! Where We Are?
According to a survey, plantar fasciitis was among the five most common foot and ankle injuries observed in professional athletes and 11-15% of all foot symptoms requiring professional care whereas, about 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy in the United States.
Rising Consumer Concerns On Food Safety And Quality Set To Drive The Food Safety Testing Equipment Market

High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Technique Used Over Traditional Dc Magnetron Sputtering In Particle Accelerator (CERN)
Burgeoning demand in electronics and favorable Government initiatives to drive the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market to $1.5 Billion & Global Market to $3.2 Billion by 2020
Neoteric developments in the Explosion Proof Equipment market: To corroborate Manufacturing Industry in the next five years

Mechanical Explosion Proof Equipments to aid Industrial applications significantly in the coming future

Growth of consumer electronics in the North America ushered in the evolution of new technologies in the PCB market.

Healthcare Wrist Wearable Devices powered by mammoth investments

Wrist Wearable devices to witness Mobile Wireless Energy Transfer Technology Soon
This technology helps humans to surveil and measure the proficiency of each activity that they perform throughout the day such as steps walked, distance travelled, calorie intake, and activity tracking and so on.
European & American players not keen to invest in R&D for Plant Growth Regulators

Government Scrutiny and Rising Competition – Challenges for Food Testing Equipment Companies

Rising Pressure to Improve Yield across Geographic regions Driving the Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Increasing concerns on obesity to drive the Stevia based beverages market

Aggressive Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales Pose a Threat to Lubricant Industry in The Longer Term
In U.S., the sales of electric vehicles growing at an annual growth rate of 36.2% with 501,369 numbers (including PHEVs and HEVs) of vehicle sold in 2013.
Increased use of natural gas will lead to increase in compatible natural gas engines in the future

The Demand for Eco-Friendly Plasticizers is the New Drift in the Construction Industry.
Earlier the major ingredient being used in the manufacturing of plasticizers was dioctyl phthalate (DOP), which is now getting switched with ecofriendly ingredients called dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP), di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) and dipropyl heptyl phthalate (DPHP).
Increasing automation needs and safety concerns to drive the demand for dosing systems in food & beverages industry

Diverse Nutraceuticals Ingredients key for Nutritional supplements
The authenticity and efficacy of various functional ingredients used in Nutraceuticals is a major concern for consumers.
Integration of robotic technology with healthcare to revolutionize the healthcare industry beyond the limits of human ability

Intelligent Motor Control Centers bringing operational efficiency in Oil & Gas Industries

Usage based insurance set to drive commercial telematics industry

Smart Buildings to Drive Energy Efficient HVAC Sales.
Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Market Led By Demand from Asia-Pacific region to Reach the $200 Billion Mark By 2020.
GaN Substrates Market: Future Belongs to Alternatives
According to a recent study by IndustryARC, SiC substrate is estimated to grow immensely in LED and Power Electronics market by remotely substituting the existing substrates by 2020.
Increasing concerns regarding safety of miners to drive the growth of solenoid valves

Why Bulk GaN cannot become the New Silicon

Acquisitions and Expansions are the Major Strategies Being Followed by Top Players in the Paper Industry across the Globe
Mineral Technologies and Zhejiang Zhengda Paper Group had an agreement regarding production of 50,000 metric tons per year of coating-grade precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) in China at Zhejiang coated production plant dedicated to packaging industry.
Acquisitions in Asian Rubber Industry proves to be a Good Sign for Economic Growth
China continues to be the largest consumer of natural rubber in the world and accounting for nearly 36% of world consumption of natural rubber and uses 80% of its consumption for tire manufacturing purposes. Followed by China, India had enormous growth in rubber consumption.
Bio-Based Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) Formed by Dynamical Cross-Linking and Mixing Method
There are a wide range of applications of these TPVs in automobiles, buildings and electronic industries. Now a days globally TPV is produced at a t rate of 450 000 tons per annum.
Biomass-Derived Polyisoprene Rubber a New Technology Developed By Zeon in Collaboration with RIKEN and Yokohama Rubber
The demand for synthetic rubber is increasing and approximately 70% of rubber used is synthetic rubber.
Biodiesel: A Burgeoning Alternative for Cleaner and Greener Future of Oil-Based Technology
Biodiesel is far way better and enhanced fuel, than the petroleum diesel as they support some unique features and qualities such as nontoxicity, renewability as well as free from sulfur & aromatics free.