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Food Colors Market Analysis Determines an Appropriate Level of Use That Includes a Built-In Safety Margin

Published By : IndustryARC | Published On : 2018-01-25
Food Colors Market Analysis is immensely used in food and beverages industry to enhance the taste and colors of food products. Natural food coloring are non-toxic in properties, which are commonly found in synthetic food colours. The natural colors are extracted from plants, fruits, algae, seeds, bacteria.

Food colors market analysis says that natural substances are not harmful to health when consumed. Rising awareness among consumers regarding the health issue related to synthetic food colors and the chemicals used to manufacture them has significantly bolstered the demand for organic food coloring across the globe. The food and beverages industry adoption of natural edible colors in organic is fostering the demand for natural edible colors globally. 

Food colors market analysis shows together, red and yellow natural color of food are accounted for 44% of total demand, supported by their widespread, use in food and beverages. The fastest growth will be seen for blue food coloring, supported by development of new products with increasing concerns, surrounding the health impact of caramel colors, will impact growth of demand for brown natural colors, restraining further gains in demand. 

The growth of organic food pigments began in the diary and produce aisles. With the large retailer the organic products more mainstream across the store, we are seeing growing demand for organic colors. In part, this increase might be due to consumer concerns around the Genetic modified organisms, but whatever the cause, we expect more innovation around organics in the years to come. A wide range of food colors are available for the consumers to use. Synthetic and natural food colors are used to restore the dull color of the product during the processing. Increased awareness towards the side effects of synthetic colors usage has caused a surge towards natural food colors that are regarded as safe for consumption.  

Food colors market analysis is driven by the natural colors and is predictable to grow faster than the synthetic and nature identical colors. The food color market has performed well over the past five years. Consumer perception of the health value of batural versus artificial flavouring has been the primary driver of this trend, leading the industry revenue to grow over the five years to 2017-2022. America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Rest of Europe and Rest of the World are witness to have equal amount of growth, due to demand for organic food & beverages.

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