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Introduction to Automotive
The automotive industry develops, designs, manufactures, sells and markets a wide range of vehicles including motor vehicles, motor cycles, towed vehicles and cars among others. The industry is currently experiencing a downfall due to global economic downturn. The automotive sector plays a crucial role in the overall development of an economy. It is a highly volatile market and has a significant role to play as far as the global economic contribution is concerned.

Trends and developments
Currently, the demand for cars is largely from countries including India, Eastern Europe and China. Established automobile markets such as Western Europe, Japan and US are experiencing a major decline in demand. As a result, the global supply chain is getting affected. In order to tide over the situation, Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as their suppliers need to enhance their local presence as that would allow them to grow and expand in the emerging countries.Another trend that is being observed in the automotive industry is that the traditional segments of cars including vans, sedan and trucks are increasingly fragmenting into niche market. Whereas the roadsters, coupes, two-seaters,sports vans and SUVs are witnessing an increase in demand.
More and more customers are looking to personalize their car, which is encouraging automobile manufacturers to expand their services and products further. The need to design and manufacture environment friendly cars is driving fragmentation further. There is a shift in demand from high consumption and large vehicles to fuel-efficient and small cars. This is resulting in the inception of newer car segments like micro-vehicles and new technologies such as clean diesel, hybrid and diesel hybrid cars.
On the supply side, manufacturers continue to outsource small manufacturing tasks to other companies. The primary reason behind outsourcing is low cost of labor.This outsourcing is however going to result in creation of opportunities for both supply chain providing companies and automobile suppliers. It would provide them with opportunities to grow and expand their units.

Why market Research is important
At present, the automotive industry faces a number of challenges from business and growth point of view. In order to address these challenges, the automotive suppliers and companies need to achieve faster developmental cycles, meet safety as well as quality requirements and develop flexible and cost-effective solutions.

The automotive industry needs to adopt flexible operations in order to operate smoothly. The increase in demand from consumers, environmental rules and regulations and the safety guidelines laid down by the government has left the automotive industry with no option but to adopt a smooth and flexible model for operation. In order to address these challenges, automobile manufacturers need to innovate and improve their designs on a continuous basis. They also need to improve their manufacturing procedures and practices to increase their output. This is precisely why they need to keep an eye on the existing market conditions as well.

Solutions We can Offer
We assist automotive suppliers and manufacturers by helping them evaluate their in-house operations better. We understand that huge costs and capital is required for expanding automotive business, which is why we can help you improve and strengthen your supply chain management system. Our consulting services are tailor made for automotive suppliers.

We can also help automotive suppliers analyse the automotive market by providing accurate market forecast, data and information. We also provide strategic and competitive analytical tools for OEMs and their automotive suppliers.

Logical estimates
Even as the automotive industry continues to grow and expand globally, it would witness an increase in opportunities in areas such as auto parts and infrastructure required for delivering vehicles at a faster and reliable pace. More vehicle owners will prefer to invest in cars that run on natural gas. Thus,automobile suppliers and manufacturers will witness an increase in opportunities in designing and development of auto/car parts and infrastructure required for delivering natural gas via retailers. Given that the price of metals and steel is on the rise, automotive suppliers will witness a demand for plastic made auto parts as they are both inexpensive and lightweight.
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