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Lifesciences and Healthcare Market Research and Consulting Services


In the present day, health care is a very vast and fast growing industry in India. The industry includes therapeutic centres, hospitals, diagnostic centres and nursing centres as well as medical equipments, pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations and health insurance agencies. The healthcare industry, at present, faces twin challenges of coping up with industry regulations and changing business models. Health care companies and organizations need to improve their operational efficiency, meet regulatory compliances, streamline their internal procedures and develop strong customer relations in order to grow and expand further. The healthcare industry needs to adopt a more patient-centric approach when it comes to maintaining a strong healthcare system.

Trends and Developments
The healthcare industry which basically comprises medical devices, medical infrastructure, hospitals, outsourcing, health insurance, clinical trials, medical equipments and others is likely to touch the $7.8 trillion mark in 2013. Demand continues to grow in nations outside U.S, especially in countries such as India where the hospital services business is likely to reach $80bn by the year 2015.In 2012 alone, revenue from hospital services in India was more than $45bn. According to experts, this figure will increase at a 20% CAGR during the period 2012-2018. Gulf countries are expected to spend more than $15 billion in the next 20 years for executing various projects related to healthcare industry.The global healthcare spending is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period 2013-2018.

The healthcare sector is transitioning from paper documents to electronic files ona gradual basis. The healthcare sector globally, supported by the information technology market, has registered tremendous growth figures in the recent few years.

Why Market Research is Important

Appropriate market research allows healthcare companies and organizations to better understand and assess their target customers. It enables them to meet their requirements too. By evaluating and studying the existing market conditions, patient mindset and needs, the healthcare sector can bring about major improvements in its overall approach, medical infrastructure and medical representatives. In case of healthcare industry, market research is collated from two main sources including patient feedback and data and research collected via the existing healthcare marketplace.

Careful and logical analysis of the data and information collected through market research allows healthcare organizations to plan strategically and provide high-quality healthcare services. It also provides them with an opportunity to analyze their costs, equipment requirements, hospital services, insurance market and healthcare infrastructure, which eventually helps them in enhancing their overall medical products and services offered by them.


We help our clients, including pharmaceutical organizations and health care companies and experts, by providing them with accurate and detailed market research reports, internet marketing and strategically designed marketing services. Our research reports enable our customers to take timely and well informed decisions. IndustryARC offers a host of qualitative and quantitative healthcare marketing services and research reports that allows our clients to satisfy their clients completely. Our pharmaceutical research studies and health care assessments help our clients to meet the growing needs and demands of their patients.

Logical Estimates

Healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace despite governmental regulations. The healthcare segment is investing in new healthcare programs and health related information technology services, which further allows them to strengthen their relations with their consumers, improve the quality of services, increase operational efficiency and minimize their costs, all at the same time.

The healthcare sector will continue to collaborate with health insurance plan providers and pharmaceutical organizations in the years to come. This would allow them to treat diseases appropriately and facilitate development and research processes further. In view of the fact that there are endless opportunities in areas like home nursing, medical equipment, fitness, elderly care, home healthcare, lab services, medical billing and gyms and weight loss centers. The Indian health care sector is all set to grow by leaps and bounds in future.
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Hemostats Market: By Type (Active, Passive, Flowable, Sealants and Adhesive), By Treatment (Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Procedure, Soft Tissue Reconstruction, Spinal Procedures, Hepatic Resection, and others), By End User (Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Nursing Homes, and Others) & By Geography Forecast (2018 - 2023)
By: IndustryARC
Hemostasis is a complex procedure which requires the coordinated activation of platelets and plasma clotting aspects to form a platelet-fibrin clot.... read more
24 October, 2018 $ 5250
Medical Waste Management Market: By Waste Type (Sharps, Chemical Waste, Pathological Waste, Pressurized Containers, Infectious Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, Gene Toxic Waste, Waste with High Heavy-Metal Content, Others), By Treatment Technology (Non-Incineration System, Incineration), By Service (Disposal, Recycling and Other Processing, Collection, Transportation & Storage), By Treatment Site (Offsite, Onsite), By Nature of Waste (Non-Hazardous, Hazardous), By Waste Generator (Hospitals, Retail Pharmacy, Laboratories, Blood Banks, Research Institutions, Others) & Geography - Forecast (2018-2025)
By: IndustryARC
The global medical waste management demand is growing with 5.3% over the period 2018-2023.... read more
13 November, 2018 $ 5250
Infrared Imaging Market And Wide Area Surveillance Infrared Imaging: By Technology (Cooled, Uncooled); By Spectrum Ranges (NIR, SWIR, Others); By Design; By Product Type; By Application (Wide Area Surveillance, Temperature Monitoring, Others); By Industry Verticals (Defense, Automotive, Others) & Geography- Forecast (2018 - 2024)
By: IndustryARC
The primary key factors driving the infrared imaging market includes growing demand from industrial and automation industry, requirement of high contrast images, cross industry collaboration and others... read more
09 August, 2018 $ 5250
North America Acute Care Nurse Call Systems Market: By Type of Equipment (Nurse Call Intercoms, Basic Audio/Visual Nurse Call Systems, Digital Nurse Call Systems, Others); By Communication Technology (Wireless, Wired) & By Geography - Forecast (2018-2024)
By: IndustryARC
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26 July, 2018 $ 3650
Ophthalmic Lens Market: By Type (Contact Lenses & Spectacle Lenses); By Material (Glass & Plastic); By Usability (Single Use, Reusable); By Coating Type; By Distribution Channel (Online Stores, Independent Brand Stores) & By Geography - Forecast (2018-2025)
By: IndustryARC
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17 October, 2018 $ 5250
Orthotic Devices Market: By Type (Knee Braces & Supports, Ankle Braces & Supports Upper Extremity Braces & Supports and Others); By Application (Injuries, Chronic Diseases, Disabilities, Pediatrics); By Geography - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
Orthotic device market is valued $1,429.5 million in the year 2017 and is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 4.2% from the year 2018 to 2023.... read more
26 October, 2018 $ 5250
Medical Second Opinion Market: By Disease (Cancer, Cardiac Disorders, Diabetes, Injuries and Others); By Service Providers (Hospitals, Online and Offline Medical Second Opinion Providers and Health Insurance Players) & By Geography-Forecast (2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
The US market collected revenue of $939million in 2017 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.1% throughout the forecast period. ... read more
25 July, 2018 $ 5250
Physiotherapy Services Market: By Treatment (Exercise, Manual Therapy, Specialized Treatments, Suspension Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Posture Correction Methods); By Type (Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy, CPM, Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, Heat Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Physio-games); By Application (Orthopedic, Geriatric, Neuromuscular, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary, Integumentary, Palliative, Pediatric, Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal) & By Geography - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
Among all the applications, orthopedics and geriatric physiotherapy services has the highest market share in global physiotherapy services market due to higher prevalence of geriatric population.... read more
18 October, 2018 $ 5250
Virology Market: By type (diagnosing test, viral infection controlling methods, antiviral chemotheraphy, interferon ); By application (skin & soft tissue infections, respiratory tract infections, others); By end-use (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, others); By Geography - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
Asia-Pacific is likely attaining highest growth due to growing healthcare tourism in the nations of China and India.... read more
22 October, 2018 $ 5250
Stents Market: By Product (Coronary, Peripheral, Stent-Related Implants, Biliary stents, Carotid stents, Neurovascular stents); By Material (Metallic, Polymeric, Natural) & By Region (Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, RoW)-Forecast (2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
Stents market is estimated at $10,761.2 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5.6%.... read more
24 July, 2018 $ 5250