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Chemical Industry

Introduction to Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has a vital role to play in the existing manufacturing and business units. This industry produces a range of chemical substances, which in turn are utilized in different fields and sectors including medicine, agriculture, healthcare and automobile and for various other commercial purposes. These industries use water, oil, natural gases and metals to produce a range of chemicals and chemical products that are further utilized by organizations world-wide. Different procedures as well as multiple technologies are used to produce different types of chemicals. Chemical companies refine and process the available raw materials to develop pure chemicals for various purposes. It is extremely important that chemical producing companies measure the raw materials accurately so that the final output is perfect and as desired.

Chemicals can basically be divided into two different categories which are basic chemicals and petrochemicals. While basic chemicals comprise chemical products and chemicals that are produced in abundance and utilized on a regular basis; petrochemicals are extracted from hydrocarbons, fertilizers and petroleum that are utilized in huge quantities by the agriculture industry. In addition to this, chemical companies also develop and produce speciality chemicals or fine chemicals and consumer chemicals.

Trends and Developments

The chemical industry is looking to diversify the raw materials used for preparing chemicals in a better way. Apart from this, prices of chemicals will continue to get affected in view of the existing conflicts in the Middle East and CO2 legislation that may sooner or later come into effect. According to IndustryARC, 2013 has been a promising year for the chemical processing sector. While 2012 witnessed 8 billion dollars chemical processing industry projects being set up in the United States, in 2013 around 9 billion dollars worth of project works have been approved and funded already.

Chemical industries are investing in newer technologies to strengthen their infrastructure. According to experts, the bio-based chemical market is going to grow at a really fast pace. As per the US Department of Agriculture, the bio-based chemical domestic market share will touch the 22 per cent mark by the year 2025.

Importance of market research for chemical industry

Chemical industries will benefit immensely by investing in marketing and research activities and surveys. Accurate and in-depth research will help chemical companies to analyze what their customers want, both in terms of products and services. Market research reports provide chemical companies with an insight into the chemical developing procedures, customer behavior, technological requirements, infrastructure requirements, governmental regulations and price changes. With this information, any chemical company is good to go.


We can help chemical companies and suppliers optimize and enhance their business further. We offer a host of research services oriented towards automation products and systems that allows chemical companies to expand exponentially. We also provide in-depth analysis, research reports and market research documents to help our clients assess their existing problems and strengthen relations with their customers further.

Logical Estimates

Even though economic downturn caused several organizations to reduce their research and development related investments to a large extent, the existing growth scenario is creating newer opportunities for chemical products. Many chemical companies are also revisiting their innovation methods and processes to address their existing challenges and to repair the made damages.
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U.S. Olefins Market: By Class (Ethylene, Propylene); Ethylene Type (Polyethylene, Ethylene glycol, others) Propylene Type (Polypropylene, Cumene, others) By Feedstock (Gaseous, Liquid); By Process (TCS, FCC); By End User (Automotive, Polymer, others)- Forecast(2018-2023)
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Ethylene and propylene are the compounds formed from oligomerization.... read more
16 July, 2018 $ 3650
Engineering Plastics Market: By type (ABS, PA, PC, POM, PMMA, PEEK, PET, PBT, Cast nylon); By end user (aerospace, building & construction, food, mechanical, medical, others); By applications (CD/DVD, medical implants, advanced batteries, shoes, others); By Geography - Forecast(2018-2023)
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Automotive, packaging, building and construction are the major shareholders of engineering plastics market.... read more
12 July, 2018 $ 4250
Soda Ash Market: By Process (Leblanc, Solvay); By Grade (Light, Medium, Dense); By Application (Glass, Chemical, others); By Geography - Forecast(2018-2023)
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10 July, 2018 $ 4250
Ink Resins Market: By Type (Modified Rosin, Polyamide, Polyurethane, Others); By Process (Lithographic, Flexographic, Others); By Substrate; By Additives; Application (Flexible Packaging, Corrugated Cardboard, Folding Cartons, Publications, Others) By Technology; By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
APAC countries such as China, Japan and India are some of the emerging nations with world’s largest newspaper production with newspaper being printed in various languages.... read more
09 July, 2018 $ 4250
Green Coatings Market: By Formulation (Water-Borne, Powder, High Solids and Ultra-Violet ); By Source; By Application (Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace and Others) By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
The emerging trend that have a direct impact on the dynamics of green coatings industry is the increasing use of UV coatings along with high solids formulation which has increased its usage over aerospace sectors. ... read more
09 July, 2018 $ 4250
Lubricant Additives Market: By Type (Antioxidants, Anti-Wear Agents, De-emulsifiers, Dispersants, VII and others); By Type of Lubricant; By Type of Oil (HDMO, PCMO, Process oil, Hydraulic fluids, Compressor Oil and others); By Application (Automotive, Industrial and Others) By End User; By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
The Global Lubricating Additives market was $ 17.9 billion in 2017 and is estimated grow with CAGR of 3.09% till 2024 to reach 22 billion.... read more
09 July, 2018 $ 4250
Biodegradable Plastic Market: By Types (PLA, PBS, PHAs, PCL, PET and Others); By Feedstock; By End-User (Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Sports & Leisure, Consumer Goods and Others);By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
Biodegradable plastic being an alternative to conventional plastics offers advantages over conventional plastics such as a reduced carbon footprint and also additional waste management options such as composting.... read more
09 July, 2018 $ 4250
Waterborne Coatings Market: By Type ( Acrylic, Alkyd, Urethane, Epoxy and Others); By Formulation (Water, Solvent and Powder); By Component; By End User (General Water Borne, Automotive, Coil & Extrusion, Heavy Duty Equipment and Others); By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
The Global Water Borne coatings market was $80.84 billion in 2017 and is estimated grow with CAGR of 5.90% till 2020 to reach 28.8 billion. ... read more
10 July, 2018 $ 4250
Textile Chemicals Market: By Process; By Textile Type, By Chemical Type (Pre-treatment Chemicals, Textile Dyeing Chemicals, Dyeing and Printing Chemicals, Finishing Chemicals, Others); By End-user Application (Home Furnishing, Apparel, Industrial and Others) By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
The U.S textile chemicals market is estimated to be valued at $3568 million in 2017 and is poised to exhibit a growth of 3.38% CAGR through 2023.... read more
05 July, 2018 $ 4250
Automotive Refinish Coatings Market: Automotive Refinish Coatings Market: By Technology (Solvent-borne, Aqueous, Powdered, Others) By Layers (Surfacers, Sealers, Primers, Undercoats, Topcoats, Others) By Component; By Vehicles (Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle, Motorcycle) By Geography (North America, Europe, APAC and Row) - Forecast(2018-2023)
By: IndustryARC
An increasing demand for aesthetic refinish of vehicles across the world, has led to significant innovations in the way automotive refinish coatings work.... read more
04 July, 2018 $ 4250