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Webinar - How Startups are Acting as Terrific Thrust Elements in Elevating Diversity of Target Drones
Event Date: 06 October, 2016 00:00   Venue : Online

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Target Drones were once a hope and today, they are devices of the reality with growing hope potential in them. Started from the scratch, the industry has managed to spread itself across various industries be it Medical where a combination of nanotechnology (drones), immunotherapy and radiotherapy are paving ways to fight cancer. Imagine a world it would be with people being care-free about cancer! Defense and Surveillance is a vastly developed as compared to others: Iran about to target intruding drones; military drones expected to fly over Inland Skies; and underwater drones with nuclear weapons will protect countries one day soon! Not only security of lands can be ensured, drones seem able to also stretch a helping hand to Architects: L&T recently declared their plans on the Smart City Maker project:

“Shares of Larsen & Tourbro increased 0.5 percent to Rs 1,499 after the company announced plans to convert Nagpur into India’s first large sale integrated smart city. As a Master Systems Integrator, we will provide leading edge technology solutions like including high analytics, mobile surveillance and high tech tools like drones” -SN Subramanyan, Deputy MD and President, L&T. Another stem gaining immense traction is:

Drone Racing Is More Robust Than We Know. This Whopping Review I Came Across:

While minimizing wrong targets is a major concern and while the debates continue so as to “Should the CIA Use Drones to Kill ISIS Targets?” and more; the diversity of the target drones never ceases to surprise me!

“One fresh example of yesterday's sci-fi plotline vying to become tomorrow's viral hit: Drone racing. Drone TV, a recently launched channel on the freemium side of over-the-top TV platform FilmOn.com, is trying to bring the nascent sport to the mainstream. The platform's broad audience of 75 million monthly unique visitors (half of whom are in the US) could provide a path to reaching this goal by helping to attract sponsors and advertisers.  This year saw the biggest drone-racing event ever — the World Drone Prix held in Dubai, which carried a total prize of $1 million.” –External Source

IndustryARC examined some highlights of How Acute Penetration of Newbies as well as Experienced Traders Affecting the Overall Statistics

IndustryARC found this startup called Vayu beyond interesting due to its claim of having unmanned aerial vehicles which had made the first long-range, fully independent flights carrying delicate blood and stool samples from remote villages to a lab. While this is recent, an older such attempt happened in the U.S.A in February: Drones responsible for air delivery of blood samples which could save lives.

Amazon’s Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing initiatives and other such tasks are promising safer technology coupled with improved regulation; opening plethora of commercial applications. Basically, enhancement of micro themes like drones, video games, 3D printing, and robotics with expansions like Sterlite Power buys minority stake in drone company Sharper Shape; are the primary backbone to the market.

To conclude, drone manufacturers and software providers are quickly developing technologies like geo-fencing and collision avoidance that will make flying drones safer. The accelerating pace of drone adoption is also pushing governments to create new regulations that balance safety and innovation.
Key Take Away:
  • Definition & Types of Target Drones
  • Specifications and Engine Types of Target Drones
  • Existing & Emerging Applications of Target Drones
  • Key Challenges Faced by the Manufacturers
  • Target Drones Market Dynamics & Technological Advancements
  • R & D Investments By Top Companies And Their Key Developments
  • Investments and Government Initiatives
  • Understanding of the Major Stakeholders Involved
  • Key Target Drones  Recipients Countries
  • Requisite Legal & Certification Formalities
The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes.

: Research Manager - Dependra Lal, IndustryARC