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High Temperature Coatings Market
High Temperature Coatings Market: By Resin Type (Epoxy and others); By Coating Surface (Superalloys and others); By Coating Process (Physical Vapor Deposition and others); By End User Industry (Automotive and others); & Geography – Forecast (2016-2021)
Report Code : CMR 0316
Updated Date: 10 March, 2016  

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1. High Temperature Coatings Market Overview
2. Executive Summary
3. High Temperature Coatings Market Landscape
   3.1. Market Share Analysis
   3.2. Comparative Analysis
      3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
      3.2.2. Top 5 Financials Analysis
      3.2.3. End User Profiling
4. High Temperature Coatings Market Forces
   4.1. Market Drivers
   4.2. Market Constraints
   4.3. Market Challenges
   4.4. Attractiveness of the Industry
      4.4.1. Power of Suppliers
      4.4.2. Power of Customers
      4.4.3. Threat of New Entrants
      4.4.4. Threat of Substitution
      4.4.5. Degree of Competition
5. High Temperature Coatings Market – Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
   5.3. Opportunity Analysis
   5.4. Product Life Cycle Analysis
   5.5. Suppliers and Distributors
6. High Temperature Coatings Market – By Resin Type
   6.1. Epoxy
   6.2. Alkyd
   6.3. Acrylic
   6.4. Urethane
   6.5. Others
7. High Temperature Coatings Market – By Coating Surface 
   7.1. Superalloys
   7.2. Ceramics
   7.3. Refractory Metals 
   7.4. Intermetallic Materials
   7.5. Others
8. High Temperature Coatings Market – By Coating Process
   8.1. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
   8.2. Sputtering
   8.3. Thermal Spray Processes
      8.3.1. Plasma Spraying
      8.3.2. Low Pressure Plasma Spray
   8.4. Diffusion Coating Processes
      8.4.1. Pack Cementation
      8.4.2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
   8.5. Others
9. High Temperature Coatings Market – By End User Industry
   9.1. Automotive
      9.1.1. Heavy Trucking
      9.1.2. Performance Racing
   9.2. Aerospace 
   9.3. Defense 
   9.4. Chemicals 
   9.5. Cookware
   9.6. Energy 
      9.6.1. Petrochemical 
      9.6.2. Nuclear Energy 
   9.7. Fireproofing 
   9.8. Others
10. High Temperature Coatings Market – By Geography
   10.1. Americas
      10.1.1. U.S.
      10.1.2. Brazil
      10.1.3. Mexico
      10.1.4. Canada
      10.1.5. Others
   10.2. Europe
      10.2.1. UK
      10.2.2. Germany
      10.2.3. France
      10.2.4. Spain
      10.2.5. Others
   10.3. APAC
      10.3.1. China
      10.3.2. India
      10.3.3. Australia
      10.3.4. Others
   10.4. ROW
11. Market Entropy
12. Investment Opportunities
13. Company Profiles
   13.1. Akzo Nobel N.V.
   13.2. PPG Industries Inc.
   13.3. Dampney Company Inc.
   13.4. Decc Holdings LLC
   13.5. Zircotec Ltd.
   13.6. Jet Hot LLC
   13.7. Aremco GmbH
   13.8. Belzona International Ltd
   13.9. Carboline Company
   13.10. E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
   13.11. Wacker Chemie AG
   13.12. Others
*More than 40 Companies are profiled in this Research Report, Complete List available on Request*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
14. Appendix
   14.1. Abbreviations
   14.2. Sources
   14.3. Research Methodology
   14.4. Bibliography
   14.5. Disclaimer
High Temperature Coatings are advanced material systems due to which high temperature materials can be used at even higher temperatures. High temperature coatings have been in demand since the advent of gas turbine engines. The reliability and life expectancy of these coatings are paramount in the determination of the service life of the surface in question. The forecast period of the report is 2016-2021. 

The report segments high temperature coatings market on the bases of coating surface type, coating processes, end user industry and by geography. Coating surfaces may vary from superalloys and ceramics to refractory materials and intermetallic materials. Coating processes are broadly divided into PVD, sputtering, thermal spray processes and diffusion coating processes. End user industries are a major factor for the potential of high temperature coatings market. With aerospace industry and nuclear energy industry leading the charge, this market faces an expanding horizon. The other segments on the basis of end user industry include defense, automotive, chemicals, cookware and fireproofing industry.

High Temperature Coatings Market

When we take a geographical approach to the high temperature coatings market, it becomes evident that the U.S. is the major consumer of this market, owing to the popularity of power sports and leading to a 40% share of the Americas in the market. APAC comes second on account of developing economies such as India and China running their extensive space programs. Europe stands third in the market revenue shares, while RoW is a distant fourth. 

The high temperature coatings market is dominated by companies include:
  • Akzo Nobel Inc. (The Netherlands)
  • PPG Industries Inc. (The U.S.)
  • Aremco GmbH (Austria)
  • Dupont USA LLC (The U.S.)
  • Belzona International Ltd. (UK)

High temperature coatings market is fairly consolidated with big companies holding considerable portions of the market revenue.

Apart from the above, there are other companies which hold a considerable share in the market. These include:
  • Carboline Company (The U.S.)
  • Jet Hot LLC (The U.S.) 
  • Wacker Chemie AG (Germany)
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