Release & Patch Management Product Assessment Study Market Research Report: Market size, Industry outlook, Market Forecast, Demand Analysis,Market Share, Market Report 2018-2023
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Release & Patch Management Product Assessment Study Market
Release & Patch Management Product Assessment Study Market: By Product Release Management (Policies Assessment, Release Management, Product or solution Development Process and Others); By Patches Management (Policies Assessment, Patches, Policies, Rules & Regulation and Others); By Product Assessment (Product Analysis, Router, Data Center, Server and Others) & Geography - Forecast(2018 - 2023)
Report Code : ITR 0153
Updated Date: 31 May, 2018  

1.Study Overview
3.Security & Services Analysis
3.1.Assessment of security protocol in Cisco product line
3.1.1.Center Security
3.1.2.Cloud Security of the product
3.1.3.Assurance of the product security
3.2.Security Team Organization Structure
3.2.1.Role & Responsibilities President Director Manager Lead
4.Product Release Management
4.1.Best Practices
4.2.Policies Assessment
4.2.1.Quality Control Policies/Rules
4.2.2.R&D Efficiency
4.2.3.Customer Response Time
4.2.4.Forward & Backward compatibilities
4.3.Release Management
4.3.5.Strategy Augmentation/Evolution Upgrade
4.3.6.EOX Management
4.4.Product or solution Development Process
4.4.1.Hardware requirement
4.4.2.Software requirement
4.4.3.Network Infrastructure Management
4.4.5.Launch Strategy
4.4.6.Compatibility protocols of products
4.4.7.Projects Milestone
4.4.8.Regulation & Norms phase Phase Phase Phase Life cycle phase
4.4.9.Best Processes for above phases
4.4.10.Team structure & Responsibilities
4.4.11.Exit Policy
4.4.12.Policy & Regulation Vs Enterprise
4.4.13.Best Practices
4.4.14.Capability deck (Router, Ethernet switch, Security gateway, Enterprise gateway, Data center network) date time communication quantity in customer network scale release
5.Patches Management
5.1.Best Practices
5.2.Policies Assessment
5.2.1.Requirement phase
5.2.2.Planning Phase
5.2.3.Development Phase
5.2.4.Testing Phase
5.2.5.Product Life cycle
5.2.7.Team Structure & Responsibilities
5.2.8.Quality Criteria of exit
5.3.4.Mechanism for each Patches
5.3.6.Strategy for patches evolution
5.3.7.Relationship ‘Every class patch and release’
5.4.Policies, Rules & Regulation
5.4.1.Telecom Vs Enterprise
5.4.2.Best Practices
5.5.Capability deck (Router, Ethernet switch, Security gateway, Enterprise gateway, Data center network)
5.5.1.Release date
5.5.2.Real time communication
5.5.3.Release quantity in customer network
5.5.4.Code scale release
5.6.Industry Landscape
5.6.1.New R&D Process & Practices
5.6.2.New Engineering Process
5.6.3.R&D tools system & chain
5.6.4.Competency Index
5.6.5.Quality Management system
6.Product Assessment
6.1.Product Analysis
6.1.1.LAN Access Switches 4500E 3850 3650 2960-X/XR 2960-L
6.1.2.Compact LAN switches 3560-CX 2960-CX MS220-8 Series
6.1.3.LAN Core and Distribution Switches 7000 6800 6500 4500-X 3850 MS400 series
6.1.4.Data Center Switches 9000 7000 5000 3000 2000 Series Fabric Extenders
6.1.5.Service Provider Switches 9000 7000 5000 3000 Switches
6.1.6.Industrial Ethernet Switches 9000 7000 5000 3000 Switches
6.1.7.Virtual Networking 9000 7000 5000 3000 Switches
6.1.8.Small Business Switches 9000 7000 5000 3000 Switches
6.2.1.Branch Series ISR Series ISR MX
6.2.2.WAN aggregation 5000 Series 5500 Series 1000 Series
6.2.3.Edge 1000 Series 9000 Series
6.2.4.Service Provider Core 5500 Series 6000 Series 9000 Series
6.2.5.Industrial Series Industrial ISR Series Industrial Series Connected Grid Routers Series Connected Grid Routers Series WPAN Industrial Routers
6.2.6.Virtual XRv 9000 1000v
6.3.Data Center
6.3.1.Data Center Networking Center Switching Networking Networking
6.3.2.Analytics & Security
6.3.3.Tetration Analytics
6.3.4.Automation and Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Cloud Suite Director
6.3.5.Converged and Hyperconverged
6.4.1.UCS B-Series Blade Servers B200 M4 Blade Server B260 M4 Blade Server B420 M4 Blade Server B460 M4 Blade Server Mini 5100 Series Blade Server Chassis
6.4.2.UCS C-Series Rack Servers C220 M4 Rack Server C240 M4 Rack Server C460 M4 Rack Server
6.4.3.UCS S-Series Storage Servers M4 Storage Server
6.4.4.UCS Management Software Manager Central Director Performance Manager Management Controller (IMC) Supervisor
6.5.Rack and power Infrastructure
6.5.1.Cisco R Series Racks
6.5.2.Cisco RP Series Power Distribution Units
6.6.Communication Gateway
6.6.1.Video Gateway Advanced Media Gateway Series ISDN Gateway Serial Gateway Series Video Communication Server (VCS)
6.6.2.Voice Gateway Series Universal Gateways Series Universal Gateways 190 Series Analog Telephone Adapters ATA 180 Series Analog Telephone Adaptors Series Integrated Access Devices Gateways with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Business Voice Gateways and ATAs Gateways SIP Proxy Survivable Remote Site Telephony Series Gateways
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