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U.S. Olefins Market
U.S. Olefins Market: By Class(Ethylene, Propylene)Ethylene Type (Polyethylene, Ethylene glycol, Vinyls, Styrene, Others) Propylene Type(Polypropylene, Cumene, Acrylonitrile, Others) Ethylene By Feedstock; Propylene By Process; By Geography - (2014-2020)
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Updated Date: 03 June, 2018  

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1. Introduction
   1.1. U.S. Regional Snapshot
   1.2. U.S. Olefins Market Scenario
2. U.S. Ethylene Market - Total Plant Capacity
3. U.S. Olefins Market 
   3.1. U.S. Ethylene Market
      3.1.1. U.S. Ethylene Demand
   By Feedstock
   By Product
      3.1.2. U.S. Ethylene Production
   3.2. U.S. Propylene Market
      3.2.1. U.S. Propylene Demand
   By Process
   By Product
4. U.S. Olefins Market - Trade Analysis
   4.1. Ethylene 
      4.1.1. Export 
      4.1.2. Import 
      4.1.3. Net Exports 
   4.2. Propylene 
      4.2.1. Export 
      4.2.2. Import 
      4.2.3. Net Exports 
5. U.S. Olefins Market – Pricing Analysis
   5.1. Ethylene - Export Vs. Import Price 
   5.2. Propylene - Export Vs. Import Price 
   5.3. Ethylene Vs. Propylene Pricing 
6. U.S. Olefins Market - Supply Chain Analysis
7. Company Profiles
   7.1. Company 1
   7.2. Company 2
   7.3. Company 3
   7.4. Company 4
   7.5. Company 5
   7.6. Company 6
   7.7. Company 7
   7.8. Company 8
   7.9. Company 9
   7.10. Company 10
*More Than 10 Companies Are Profiled In This Research Report*
"*Financials Would Be Provided On A Best Efforts Basis For Private Companies"
8. Appendix 
   8.1. Definitions
   8.2. Abbreviations 
   8.3. Methodology 
   8.4. Contact Us 
   8.5. Disclaimer
Olefins, also known as Alkene, a compound made up of carbon and hydrogen which contains one or more pairs of carbon atoms concatenated by a double bond. Ethylene and propylene are the compounds formed from oligomerization.
Ethylene market has been segmented in to by product and by feedstock whereas propylene market is segmented in to by product and by process. Ethylene products include polyethylene, ethylene glycol, vinyls, styrene and others; whereas propylene products include polypropylene, cumene, acrylonitrile and others. Ethane is one of the most important feedstock in the U.S. accounting for approximately 70% of the ethylene market. In U.S. majority of the ethylene is produced from ethane followed by propane and naphtha. Ethylene market in the U.S. is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2015 to 2020.

U.S. Olefins Market

Polyethylene holds majority of the market in ethylene product market share. Polyethylene demand is expected to rise from 2015 to 2020 drastically as demands for polyethylene products such as polyester fibres, antifreeze, packaging, construction and consumer products is increasing. 

The report also focuses on U.S. in terms of changing trends of ethylene and propylene production, demand, pricing, exports and imports with respect to decline in crude oil prices. 

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:
  • The Dow Chemical Company, 
  • ExxonMobil Corporation, 
  • LyondellBasell Industries N.V., 
  • BASF SE, 
  • Royal Dutch Shell Plc,
  • 10+.
List Of Tables:

Table 1 Ethylene Plants In The U.S. (Mmtpa)
Table 2 U.S. Ethylene Demand, By Feedstock 2014-2020 (Mt)
Table 3 U.S. Ethylene Market Volume, By Product 2014-2020 (Mt)
Table 4 U.S. Ethylene Market Revenue, By Product 2014-2020 ($Million)
Table 5 U.S. Propylene Market Volume, By Product 2014-2020 (Mt)
Table 6 U.S. Propylene Market Revenue, By Product 2014-2020 ($Million)
Table 7 New Ethylene Plants, By Capacity
Table 8 New Propane Dehydrogenation Plants, By Capacity
Table 9 The Dow Chemical Company – Financials
Table 10 The Dow Chemical Company – Production Facilities
Table 11 Exxonmobil Corporation – Financials
Table 12 Exxonmobil Corporation – Production Facilities
Table 13 Lyondellbasell Industries Nv – Financials
Table 14 Lyondellbasell Industries Nv – Production Facilities
Table 15 Basf Se – Financials
Table 16 Basf Se– Production Facilities
Table 17 Royal Dutch Shell Plc –  Financials
Table 18 Royal Dutch Shell Plc – Production Facilities

List Of Figures:

Figure 1 U.S. Ethylene Production Share, By Company, 2014 (%)
Figure 2 U.S. Olefins Demand, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 3 U.S. Ethylene Demand By Feedstock, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 4 U.S. Ethylene Demand By Product, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 5 U.S. Ethylene Market Revenue By Product, 2014-2020
Figure 6 U.S. Ethylene Production, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 7 U.S. Propylene Demand Forecast By Process, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 8 U.S. Propylene Demand Forecast By Product, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 9 U.S. Ethylene Export Forecast 2015-2020
Figure 10 Major Ethylene Exports From U.S. In 2013-2014
Figure 11 U.S. Ethylene Import Forecast 2015-2020
Figure 12 U.S. Ethylene Net Exports, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 13 U.S. Propylene Export Forecast 2015-2020
Figure 14 Major Propylene Exports From U.S. In 2014
Figure 15 U.S. Propylene Import Forecast 2015-2020
Figure 16 U.S. Propylene Net Exports, Mmtpa, 2014-2020
Figure 17 Average Export – Import Prices Of Ethylene In The U.S. 2005-2020
Figure 18 Average Export – Import Prices Of Propylene In The U.S. 2005-2020
Figure 19 Ethylene Vs. Propylene Price
Figure 20 Olefins In U.S. – Supply Chain Analysis
Figure 21 Ethylene Chain
Figure 22 Propylene Chain
Figure 23 Dow Chemical- Business Segment-2014
Figure 24 Dow Chemical- Geographic Segment-2014
Figure 25 Exxonmobil- Business Segment-2014
Figure 26 Exxonmobil- Geographic Segment-2014
Figure 27 Lyondellbasell-Business Segment
Figure 28 Basf Se-Business Segment-2014
Figure 29 Basf Se-Geographic Segment
Figure 30 Royal Dutch Shell Plc- Business Segment
Figure 31 Royal Dutch Shell Plc- Geographic Segment
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