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In Vitro Fertilization Market
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market: By Method (Natural Ivf, Co Incubation, Egg Retrieval, Others); By Instruments (Incubators, Micro Manipulators, Others); By End Users (Clinics, Research Institutes, Others) & Geography - Forecast 2016-2021.
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Updated Date: 12 April, 2016  

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1. Market Overview
2. Executive Summary
3. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market Landscape

   3.1. Market Share Analysis
   3.2. Comparative Analysis
      3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
      3.2.2. End User Profiling
      3.2.3. Top 5 Financials Analysis
4. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market Forces
   4.1. Market Drivers
   4.2. Market Constraints & Challenges
   4.3. Attractiveness Of The Invitro Fertilization Industry
      4.3.1. Power Of Suppliers
      4.3.2. Threats From New Entrants
      4.3.3. Power Of Buyer
      4.3.4. Threat From Substitute Product
      4.3.5. Degree Of Competition
5. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Invitro Fertilization Market - Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
   5.3. Opportunity Analysis
   5.4. Product Life Cycle
   5.5. Suppliers And Distributors
   5.6. Swot Analysis
6. Invitro Fertilization Services Market–By Method
   6.1. Introduction
   6.2. Ovarian Hyper Stimulation
   6.3. Natural Ivf
   6.4. Final Maturation Induction
   6.5. Egg Retrieval
   6.6. Egg And Sperm Preparation
   6.7. Co-Incubation
   6.8. Embryo Culture
   6.9. Embryo Selection And Transfer
   6.10. Adjunctive Medication
7. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market-By Instruments
   7.1. Introduction
   7.2. Incubators
   7.3. Cryosystem
   7.4. Imaging System
   7.5. Ovum Aspiration Pump
   7.6. Sperm Aspiration Pump
   7.7. Micro Manipulators
   7.8. Others
8. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market –By Reagents And Media
   8.1. Introduction
   8.2. Cryopreservation Media
   8.3. Semen Processing Media
   8.4. Ovum Processing Media
   8.5. Embryo Culture Media
9. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market–By Expansion Procedure
   9.1. Introduction
   9.2. Laser Assisted Hatching
   9.3. Cryopreservation
   9.4. Microsurgical Epididymis Sperm Aspiration (Mesa)
   9.5. Embryo Biopsy
10. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market -By End Users
   10.1. Fertility Clinics
   10.2. Hospitals
   10.3. Surgical Centres
   10.4. Clinical Research Institutes
   10.5. Others
11. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market -By Geography
   11.1. Americas
      11.1.1. U.S.
      11.1.2. Canada
      11.1.3. Mexico
      11.1.4. Brazil
      11.1.5. Rest Of America
   11.2. Europe
      11.2.1. U.K.
      11.2.2. Germany
      11.2.3. Italy
      11.2.4. Spain
      11.2.5. France
      11.2.6. Rest Of Europe
   11.3. Asia
      11.3.1. China
      11.3.2. South Korea
      11.3.3. Japan
      11.3.4. Australia & New Zealand
      11.3.5. India
      11.3.6. Rest Of Apac
   11.4. Rest Of The World (Row)
      11.4.1. Middle East Africa
12. In Vitro Fertilization Services Market Entropy
   12.1. New Product Developments
   12.2. Product Launchers, Jvs, Mergers And Acquisitions
13. Company Profiles
   13.1. Hunter Scientific Ltd
   13.2. K-Systems / Kivex Biotec Ltd.
   13.3. Prarthana Fertility (Ivf) Centre
   13.4. Esco Micro Pte Ltd
   13.5. Victory A.R.T. Laboratory Phil., Inc
   13.6. Servy Massey Fertility Institute
   13.7. The Infertility Center Of St. Louis
   13.8. Girexx.Co.Uk
   13.9. Dunya Ivf Centre
   13.10. Iscare Lighthouse
*More than 40 Companies are profiled in this Research Report, Complete List available on Request*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"

In vitro fertilization is a process of giving birth which involves a series of operations by which an egg is fertilized by the sperm outside the body usually in the test tubes or glass containers. This process can be described as the mature eggs are collected from woman’s ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab. Then the fertilized egg (embryo) or eggs are implanted in the uterus. The fertilized egg is monitored for 2–6 days growth and then implanted in the uterus, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy. The baby who takes birth using process is called as test tube baby and this is mainly performed to overcome female infertility. IVF is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

The global IVF devices market would witness a substantial growth in future owing to rising incidence of infertility cases, emerging trend of delayed pregnancies among women, technological advancements. The global IVF devices and consumables market accounted for $XX billion in 2015 and is forecast to garner $XX billion by 2021, registering a promising CAGR of X% during the forecast period. The Asia-Pacific IVF services market was evaluated at $X billion in 2014 and is estimated to garner $XX billion by 2021.

There are some risks involved in the particular process such as Fallopian tube damage or blockage, Ovulation disorders, premature ovarian failure, Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, previous tubal sterilization or removal, impaired sperm production or function. Fertility preservation for cancer or other health conditions when there is a coagulation of eggs with sperm cells may also affect the baby health conditions.

The above table indicates the segmentation of in vitro fertilization services based on the method such as natural IVF, co incubation, embryo culture, Final maturation induction, Egg retrieval, Egg and sperm preparation etc., and  also based on the instruments used such as incubators, micro manipulators, imaging system,  cryosystem,  Ovum aspiration pump, Sperm aspiration pump etc. The market is also segmented according to the end users and also on the expansion techniques and also on the geographical information. It also includes analysis about the various risks involved and also the various things that an IVF associate should cross check before this particular operation.

High costs keep IVF currently out of reach for many countries but the research by the Genk Institute for Fertility Technology, in Belgium; claims to have found a much lower cost methodology (about 90% reduction) with similar efficacy, which may be suitable for some type of fertility treatment.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market

Europe is the leading market for in vitro fertilization market with Ukraine and United Kingdom being the top countries opting for this procedure. Asia region is forecast to have highest growth in the next few years due to growing adoption of such technologies among the general population.
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