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Structural Health Monitoring Market
Structural Health Monitoring Market: By Technology (Wired & Wireless); By Solution (Hardware & Software); By Applications (Structure & Leakage Detection); By End User (Infrastructure, Aerospace, Defense, Utilities) & Geography – Forecast (2018 - 2028)
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Updated Date: 07 March, 2016  

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1. Structural Health Monitoring – Market Overview
   1.1. Introduction
   1.2. Market Scope
   1.3. Stakeholders
2. Structural Health Monitoring Market – Executive Summary
3. Structural Health Monitoring Market – Market Landscape
   3.1. Market Share Analysis
      3.1.1. Comprehensive Market Share Analysis
   3.2. Comparative Analysis
      3.2.1. Competitor Benchmarking
      3.2.2. Competitor Financial Analysis
      3.2.3. Patent Analysis
      3.2.4. End-User Profiling
4. Structural Health Monitoring Market– Market Forces
   4.1. Market Drivers
      4.1.1. Increase in Demand for Cost-Effective Infrastructure Maintenance
      4.1.2. Rising Need for Public Safety 
   4.2. Market Constraints
      4.2.1. Higher cost of structural health monitoring system
   4.3. Market Challenges
      4.3.1. Lack of Skilled Labor
   4.4. Attractiveness of the Structural Health Monitoring Market Industry
      4.4.1. Power of Suppliers
      4.4.2. Power of Customers
      4.4.3. Threat of New entrants
      4.4.4. Threat of Substitution
      4.4.5. Degree of Competition
5. Structural Health Monitoring Market– Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
      5.2.1. Influence Factor Analysis
      5.2.2. Forecast of Prices
   5.3. Opportunities Analysis
   5.4. Life Cycle Analysis
   5.5. Suppliers & Distributers 
6. Structural Health Monitoring Market– By Technology
   6.1. Wired Structural Health Monitoring Systems
   6.2. Wireless Structural Health Monitoring Systems
7. Structural Health Monitoring Market– By Solution 
   7.1. Introduction
   7.2. Hardware
      7.2.1. Sensors
      7.2.2. Data Acquisition System (DAS)
      7.2.3. Others
   7.3. Software
   7.4. Services
      7.4.1. Health monitoring
      7.4.2. Operational Evaluation
      7.4.3. Data Feature Extraction
      7.4.4. Statistical Models Development
      7.4.5. Others
8. Structural Health Monitoring Market– By Applications
   8.1. Introduction
   8.2. Structure Monitoring
   8.3. Hurricane & Earthquake Monitoring
   8.4. Traffic Monitoring
   8.5. Pressure Monitoring
   8.6. Leakage Detection
   8.7. Deflection Monitoring
   8.8. Strain & Hotspot Monitoring
   8.9. Fire Detection
   8.10. Multi-Modal Sensing
   8.11. Load Rating
   8.12. Others
9. Structural Health Monitoring Market– By End User Industry
   9.1. Introduction
   9.2. Civil Infrastructure
      9.2.1. Bridges
      9.2.2. Dams
      9.2.3. Road & Rail
      9.2.4. Tunnels
      9.2.5. Buildings
      9.2.6. Stadiums
      9.2.7. Others
   9.3. Aerospace
   9.4. Defense
   9.5. Power Utilities
   9.6. Mining
   9.7. Others
10. Structural Health Monitoring Market– By Geography
   10.1. Introduction
   10.2. North America
      10.2.1. U.S.
      10.2.2. Canada
      10.2.3. Mexico
   10.3. Europe
      10.3.1. Germany
      10.3.2. U.K.
      10.3.3. France
      10.3.4. Italy
      10.3.5. Rest of Europe
   10.4. Asia-Pacific
      10.4.1. China
      10.4.2. South Korea
      10.4.3. Japan
      10.4.4. India
      10.4.5. Australia & New Zealand
      10.4.6. Rest of Asia-Pacific
   10.5. RoW
      10.5.1. Middle-East & Africa
      10.5.2. Brazil
11. Market Entropy
   11.1. Introduction
   11.2. Most Dominant Strategy
   11.3. Mergers, Agreements & Partnerships
   11.4. Acquisitions and Others
12. Company Profiles 
   12.1. SIXENSE Systems
   12.2. COWI A/S
   12.3. Digitexx Data Systems, Inc.
   12.4. Geocomp Corporation
   12.5. Geokon, Inc.
   12.6. GeoSIG Ltd.
   12.7. Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM)
   12.8. Nova Metrix LLC
   12.9. Sodis Lab
   12.10. James Fisher and Sons plc
   12.11. National Instruments Corporation
   12.12. Acellent Technologies
   12.13. Kinemetrics
   12.14. WS Atkins PLC
   12.15. BDI
*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
13. Appendix
   13.1. Abbreviations
   13.2. Sources
   13.3. Research Methodology
   13.4. Bibliography
   13.5. Compilation of Experts
   13.6. Disclaimer
Structural health monitoring refers to a tool that enables engineers to improve the safety and maintainability of crucial structure. The fundamental function performed by SHM includes monitoring and testing the health and performance of structures such as bridges, dams, buildings, and many other complex structures. Moreover, it is used for precision stress monitoring on bone implants in medical sector and also implements damage identification strategy for various structures which assists to avoid any future damage.

Structural Health Monitoring market has been segmented by technology, solution, applications, and end user industry. Based on the technology the market is segmented into wired, and wireless structural health monitoring systems. On the basis of solution, the market is classified into hardware, software, and solutions. By applications the market is fragmented into structure monitoring, hurricane & earthquake monitoring, traffic monitoring, pressure monitoring, leakage detection, and others. In terms of end user industry, the market is classified into civil infrastructure, aerospace, defense, power utilities, and others. 

Growing infrastructural development across the globe owing government initiatives for public safety propels the growth of market during the forecast period. Additionally, increasing investments in infrastructure and advances in wireless sensor networks are creating a huge opportunity for structural health monitoring systems. However, high installation charges and challenges affecting to data normalization constraint the structural health monitoring market growth.

Structural Health Monitoring Market

The overall market is also presented from the perspective of different geographic regions and the key countries in each region. North America is the dominating market which held a major revenue share in 2017 and is estimated as fastest growing market during the forecast period, mainly driven by rising demand for technological developments across the civilian infrastructure.

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are: 
  • SIXENSE Systems
  • COWI A/S
  • Digitexx Data Systems, Inc.
  • Geocomp Corporation
  • Geokon, Inc.
  • 10+

The methodology for estimating the structural health monitoring market involved demand in the various industries. The segmentations have been cross-mapped extensively to understand various market dynamics. Simultaneously, the companies involved at integration and distribution level were also studied from the perspective of their services, geographical presence, annual turnover and few other parameters to substantiate the estimations. All these estimations were further validated through primary research and industry experts.
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